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Cables and wires! They don’t interest people like us. We have one name for all wires- Electrical Wire. But did we know that there are various kinds of wires which run through your home, that serve various purposes? We bet not, which is why you should probably try reading more about them. A little more knowledge harms no one. This article is to enlighten you with an electrical wire, which we have fallen in love with – Copper Control Cable.

Control cables are exclusively designed for automation controls. They come with a copper conductor which is enveloped in a steel braid.These are a type of instrumentation cables which send signals to control the functioning of equipment, and are responsible for distribution of low voltage data or signals.

The cables have PVC insulation that protect them from the impact of harsh weather conditions. Like Power cables, there are various types of Control cables specifically designed to suit various automation and computer applications.

Twisted in pairs, the Control cables possess a balanced shielding, that reduces interference. Often enveloped in a white external jacket, these cables have their specifications written in black, which provide excellent visibility. These are positioned between power cables and communication cables.

10 reasons why we love copper control cables and you should too:

  1. Low Resistivity: With capabilities of low resistivity, Copper cables offer at least 1.68 times lesser resistivity than aluminium cables.
  2. Extended Elongation: These cables can be elongated easily and can run from one room of your home to another. Copper cable alloys offer 20-40% elongation.
  3. Stress Resistant : These cables can bear a lot of pressure and stress of heavy usage and loading , much more than other cables
  4. Higher Elasticity: These wires are stretchable and hence are 1.5 times more elastic than normal aluminium wires.So copper wires have more antifatigue property.
  5. Higher Load capacity: These wires are capable of carrying higher levels of electricity over long distances. .
  6. Corrosion Resistance: Copper cables show better corrosion resistance. Which means that with passage of time and use, they don’t get damaged easily
  7. Low voltage drop: Power cuts due to fluctuations resulting from low voltages are ruled out when using copper control cables.
  8. Lesser temperature: Wires have the tendency to get hot with usage or excessive usage. This is not the same with copper control cable because they remain at normal temperature even when used excessively.
  9. Saving more electricity:Because of lower resistivity, copper-based wires show lower loss of energy. And hence electricity costs are saved and you would end up saving money.
  10. Safety: Safety with respect to electricity and wires is one of the top most concerns of anybody. With copper control cables safety is rest assured.

Copper control cables can be used in various appliances like Air Conditioner, Water Pumps etc.

Now that you are aware of where to use these wires and why to use them, you have 10 reasons at your disposal to love them. Love them and use them!

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