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Electricity in Modern Automated Offices is the source of Power. A number of Equipment’s in Offices runs on Electricity such as Computer, fans, AC, lights and more.

Offices or Workplaces, usually have 230 Volt (for Single Phase) and 400 Volt (for three phase) of electricity supply. Though, some huge workstation do have more electricity supply.

It requires a good structure of electrical wiring and components of Electricity. If Electrical Wiring is not done in proper at offices or workplace. It causes electric shock and fire.

People who works at offices, are always surrounded with Electric wiring and appliances, it is necessary to check the Electrical Equipment’s and Wiring to keep the workplace safe.

To keep you safe at office we will discuss 10 Electrical Problems which are common at Offices.

1. Electric Wiring

If you are facing problem of Electric shock, tripping of MCB, dimming of light and fire. It means you have problem with Electrical wiring. If you want a safe electricity supply, we recommend you to upgrade your wiring with Rallison wires.

A number of Electric Appliances are being used in office for working. Old or damaged wiring cannot handle the downloadburden of these. And in Result, circuit breaks down and in some cases fire take place.

2. Outlet

Electrical appliances such Computer, Machine or any other items get the power through Outlet. In case you plug in some device and forget it completely. What happens is the outlets will become hot as it cannot handle the burden of many devices at the same time. It can cause an Electric shock or in some case fire too.

bad-outletIf this happens, then change the outlet as soon as possible to cure the problem.

3. Power Cords

Power cords are the wires which directly connects an appliance to outlet for electricity supply. Though, your appliances can work in good manner, still power cords can be effected with bad electricity flow or faulty outlet.

power-cordPower cords can be frayed, cracked and get cut. If this happens, then shut off the circuit and change the cord.

4. Improper place of Cords

Cords should not be placed on sharp object or nails and hooks. In addition to that, it is advisable not to place the cords under carpets, table, heater, steam pipes or on windows.

cordsrunthroughwindow1-768x569-1Doing so will leave your office electrically unsafe.

5. Cords Across Work Areas and walkways

A sufficient number of outlet should be placed at offices. However, if it is not possible and you need to use Extension cords, then place it far from the walkways to prevent the cause of electric shock.

download-1The cords should be in good condition. If possible use the electric tape on the cords.

6. Extension Cord

Use of Extension cords in Offices are common now a days. People want to run several devices through single outlet. Use of Extension Cord can make the outlet overloaded which brings heat, shock and fire in office.

ceujyjoweaa9jny7. Working on Live Equipment

As we know, in modern days, people want to finish their work in short span of time and in doing so, sometime they forget to switch off the equipment and start performing work on them.

yw_electric_shock__1217655gIf you are solving any electricity damage in Computer, AC or any other appliances. We recommend you to first switch off the appliance.

8. Ungrounded Equipment

The larger equipment’s in offices such as Stationery Machine, Refrigerator and more should be grounded. These machine needs more power and in result can cause maximum hazardous effect.

three-pinMost of the Equipment in Offices are now coming into three-prong plugs to overcome the problem of Electricity shock.

9. Pulling of Plugs

Boards Have ON/OFF Switch to either On or Off an Equipment. If you want to prevent the electric shock and fire in offices don’t take out the cord in a hurry. It can destroy the outlet or a fault can occur in outlet.

plugAlways takes out or put in the cord firmly.

10. Electrical Panel Door

imagesIf in office any electrical malfunction occur, the Electrical panel door and the things in front of the door will become hot and can create fire. To keep it in safe position, never open the Door of the Electric panel. It should be close.


To make your office environment a safe place, use these steps to prevent the problem.Electricity using badly can give you a number of problem. But if you take care of it, it will supply good electricity.

We recommend you to upgrade your wiring, outlets and cords at regular interval. If these steps not taken seriously, it can make your Workplace shock free.

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