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With increasing number of fire accidents, an increasing number of architects are suggesting the use of fire survival cables. Fire survival cables come with some special properties which help them in fighting fire. This is not it, there are many more facts associated with the fire survival cables which will make them your first choice.

Fact #1: These cables are also known as CIRCUIT INTEGRITY CABLES & are designed to sustain the high temperatures for a definite minimum period of time under direct fire. Cables are useful to maintain their integrity during the defined period of fire. This means that, unlike how they show in movies you wouldn’t be losing out on the functioning of the electrical lights or other equipments.

Fact#2:The construction of these cables is varied if compared with ordinary cables. The conductor is made with a specially designed heat barrier and fire resistant insulation which resists the fire to reach conductor surface.

Fact#3:The cable continue to work even at high temperatures like 650°C, 750°C and 950°C as per various conditions of operation and applications. The overall damage due to the outbreak of a fire is reduced to a large extent.

Fact#4: These cables are manufactured and tested in accordance with BS 7846, IS 7098(P-1), IEC 69331 and BS 6387 for required temperatures and duration – depending upon the application of cable and site conditions.

Fact#5: The Zero Halogen & Low Smoke Compound, which is a component of the cable, ascertains the least smoke and hence increased light transmission during burning of cables.

Fact#6: There is very negligible emission of Toxic and Corrosive gases – diminishing the chance to damage the human body/sensitive equipment. Here is an added advantage. When fire breaks out, evacuation becomes easier as you would not be confronted by toxic gases which might hamper your breathing and vision.

Fact #7:Insulated with specially formulated PVC/TPE/XLPE to form a core. These Coresare laid up together or twisted to form a pair/triad depending upon the individual requirement. Such cores/pairs/triads after lying are coated with special Fire Resistant materials and overall sheathed with special PVC/TPE/LSZH.

Fact#8: These cables are also resistant to water. This implies that the cables won’t be damaged when water is used to put the fire down.

Fact #9:These wires can be stretched, pulled, bent and used as desired to ensure connectivity across long distances. Hence they can be used to cover the length and breadth of your walls.

Fact #10: These wires can almost endure all kinds of weather conditions. They also work in extreme low temperatures of winters.

These 10 quick facts surely did motivate us to go for fire survival cables. These small steps which you can take to protect yourself against unforeseen circumstances like fire.

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