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Electricity! Electricity! The more you look, the more you get to know that our life is nothing without electricity.

It is obvious as electricity applications are many.

Its application spread from your home to the largest  project sites.

What is Electricity?

Electricity is a force caused by electric charge.

In simple words,” It is a form of energy which we use to power machines and electrical appliances”.

Electricity can be static and dynamic depends on upon the electric charges.

If these electric charges do not move,  then it is called as static electricity. Whereas, in moving case it is called as dynamic electricity.

Let us now know some unbelievable facts about electricity.

13 Electricity facts

1. Invention

We all know that electricity was invented by the great Thomas Edison.

No, it is not true!

1The fact is it was Benjamin Franklin who first discovered that   electricity and lighting are nearly close.

Thomas Edison invented the first light bulb and  changed the world’s view to see the things.

Also, first electrical power plant (1882) was inaugurated by Thomas Edison.

2. Speed

Electricity travels at the speed of light!

The Electricity travels at the speed of 3,00,000 km/Second.

2It means if you travel as fast as electricity travels,  you could go around the world 8 times in the time it takes to turn on a light switch.

3. Source of electricity

Coal! Natural source of electricity.

Often called as black gold!

source-of-electricityIt is the world’s biggest source of energy for producing electricity.

Coal is first burned in the furnaces that are used to boil water. The Steam coming after boiling water spin turbines and produces electricity.

Besides Coal, the sun, gasses, wind, water and oil are the source of electricity.

4. Helpful in Medical

Yes! We all know why it is so.

If you don’t know. Then read this.

Do you know, how your heart beats! Or how your mind works! Or how you move your legs and other body parts!

4Electrocardiogram machines (ECG), used in medical sector for measuring the electricity going through the heart.

If the machine screen shows line moving in regular spikes on ECG machine, it reflects that you are healthy.

If it is not! Then you know what it means.

5. Alternative of Electricity

We are living in the age where we have all facilities.

However, initially, people did not have so many choices.

kerosenestainsBefore the invention of electricity, people were using fire, pot-belly stoves and kerosene lamps.

But, now we are using electricity as the best alternative.

6. Google Facts of Electricity

Google! In easy words, which knows everything.

How can it be an electricity fact?

googleYou all have used and used google in your life. Perhaps, You are googling now too.

Google have an account of approximately 0.013% of World’s Energy Usage.

Which can easily provide electricity to power huge number of homes continuously?

7. How Birds feel safe on power lines

Electricity, if you play or use it wrongly. It will give you worst results.

However, in the cases of Birds. It behaves differently.

As we get the electric shock from simple home wires. How birds are affecting by electric shock, while sitting on the overhead power lines.

Here comes an electric fact.

birds-on-power-lineWhen there is a circuit, there is current too.

In the case of birds, while both feet are on one power line. They remain shock free.

However, if any part of bird touches another power line. The circuit would be created and will cause in electrocution.

8. Electricity Consumption

Electricity consumption is increasing as the time passes.

electricity-consumptionAs according to US Energy Information Administration, it will increase by 51% before 2025.

9. Lighting Bolt

Lighting, an electricity discharge in the atmosphere. It can travel at 130,000 miles/hour and the temperature can reach nearly 54,000 °F.

lighting-boltA Single bolt of lighting possess enough electricity which can supply power to approximately 2,00,000 homes.

10. First in type

Iceland, in the world, is the first and only country which is using renewable sources for generating electricity.

brooklyn-bridge-768x489Whereas, Brooklyn Bridge(New York) is the first electrical bridge.

11. Why Cleaning Power Plant is necessary

Power plants are solely responsible for creating electricity.

power-plant-768x352So to run them efficiently, it is recommended to shut down power plant every 18 to 24 months.

It is helpful in clearing the radioactive waste.

12. Electricity & Gravity

Gravity and Electricity both works in a similar way.

electricity-and-gravity-768x473Except, Gravity will attract you and Electricity can attract or repels you.

13. Electricity at your home

Switch it On! Power will flow. It will cost much.

Switch it Off! Power will not flow.  It will not cost now.


electricity-at-home-768x471In a home, 75% (Approx.) of the electricity used to power your electrical devices consumed while the devices are Off.

You can see here how to save electricity.


Indeed, electricity is one of the best inventions by the human.

One thing that you all should look for is SAFETY. 

Use best wires, tools, and products to run electricity in the continuous flow.   

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