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We can’t expect urban life without electricity. This form of energy has captured all aspects of our human life. At the same time it, a regular increase in the electricity bills has been burning our pockets for a while. So, is there any solution to this problem? Here are few tips to keep your electricity bill in check and help save some electricity as well. We at Rallison Electricals Pvt. Ltd. are not asking you to switch it off completely. But, if you follow the given steps, saving is assured

1. Use a Light Emitting Diode (LED) Bulb:


‘Let there be light.’ Goes the popular saying! And boy! Don’t we love to have the brightest light in our rooms? Such is our obsession with the white light produced by the tube light, that we install not just one but more. And it seems pleasant to our eyes. We never consider the cost of the same. If our rooms require continuous lights, then switching from normal light bulbs and tube lights to energy-saving LED bulbs is highly recommended. With LED lights, saving happen even when they are switched on. No more switching off the lights to save electricity.
Before making a purchase for the LED, you must know how to choose the perfect LED for your home.



2. Switch off when you don’t need:

Though it might sound very simple and straightforward we don’t seem to follow it in real life. Just switch off the electricity whenever and where ever it is not needed. Follow the rule of disconnecting the machines after use or switching off after the use. Remember many a little makes a mickle. Such small savings take one a long way.



3. Unplug the appliances which are not in use:

Sometimes just by we switch off the device but we don’t disconnect it from the plug. This would be a very common mistake and it would cause unnecessary use of electricity. Because of the plug appliances keep on using electricity. It would be a better idea to disconnect or unplug the appliances completely when not in use.



4. Select the proper Fan Speed:

Summertime and fan time are synonymous. As the humidity goes up, we tend to run the fans at higher speeds. But keeping the fan speed in control is the key to save electricity and reduce the electricity bill as well. The trick is to understand the atmospheric conditions:

  • If you stay in a humid temperature zone, keep the fan speed low. The air flowing through the slow fan will reduce the humidity to some extent and result in cooling your home faster.
  • On the flip side, if you stay in a dry zone, a high-speed fan will help cool the house faster

Managing these simple things help save the energy and result in saving in the bill as well.

5. Run your fridge effectively:

Irrespective of the season, the fridge in the home runs 24/7. It can be called as the most expensive device that runs on the electricity. Does it not matter then, to think about how to use this device most effectively?

The first thing to check is the door – are the seals proper? Are there any gaps that allow the cold air to escape? This may result in abnormal temperatures inside the fridge. 4 to 5 degrees in the fridge and -15 to -20 in the freezer are the ideal temperatures. Anything different and the fridge will run inefficiently.


6. Replace old appliances with energy-saving models:

The old is gold does not work well with electrical appliances. Older devices were not designed to save electricity; on the other hand, newer devices are built to have a smaller carbon footprint, help in energy conservation. Try to replace old devices such as the faithful old refrigerator, electric oven, your favorite TV and the washing machines and ovens. In case replacing all these is not possible, you can try these tips to begin with:

  • Try not to open the Electrical Oven, while it is in operating state. As you are allowing the heat to come out which directly increases the time to cook.
  • Do not keep open the door of the fridge for long. Once you have stored your food item, close the door immediately.
  • Unplug the TV when not in use. In fact, unplug all devices when they are not in use. This is important from a safety perspective too.


7. Service the A.C. regularly:

Air Conditioner or A.C. as it is popularly known was invented to make summers bearable. But a thought needs to go around the costs associated with it.

If you need to keep your A.C. on for a considerable period of time without a break, we suggest you get it serviced regularly. This can help save electricity. Every 2 to 3 years, call in the professionals to check all the electrical parts as well as the coolant gas. If your A.C. is really old, consider giving it a farewell and go for a newer energy efficient model.


8. Check the air filters:

A.C. has an important part – the air filter. Dirty and clogged filters don’t allow the air to pass freely and this causes the A.C. to become inefficient. The best way is to change the disposable filters every month or go for permanent filters. Instead of throwing them away, you can clean them regularly and reuse them as good as new.





9. Use the Microwave:

Choose the microwave over a traditional oven as it saves time while cooking. A few points to note:

  • Choose an energy star microwave.
  • Avoid opening the door when it is operating.
  • Unplug after every use
  • Limit the number of food items as too many of them tends to make it inefficient.

10. Save yourself ironing time:

So you did well that all your clothes are washed, the next step is to iron them. Many times, it takes a long time for each piece of cloth to be ironed. Here is a pro tip: take them out of the drier before they are completely dry. Now see how quickly they get ironed and you have saved yourself a lot of time and also the electricity bill. Yes, many people thank us for this very cool tip we give out.


11. Shut the doors and close the curtains:

A very simple way to save electricity, whenever possible, shut the doors and curtains of that part of your house which you are not using. And also heat or cool only that part which you ARE using. This smart heating or cooling helps a lot in saving energy and lowering the electricity bill.




12. Use smart switches:

Advances in technology seem to grow in multi-folds. Just a tap on a smart device allows us to control a device in our home – often remotely as well. Smart switches and devices such as motion sensors help save electricity by detecting the presence of someone in proximity. When you cross it, the light switches on by itself thus giving you the light when you need it the most. When there is no one around, the lights are switched off automatically. Nowadays, light fixtures with motion sensors are also available which can be used as needed.


13. Embrace natural light:

Sun, the eternal source of natural light is the ultimate natural source of light and energy. It allows us to do our work without any other light – at least during the daytime. So, whenever possible, just open the curtains and blinds and let the sunshine in. Use natural light whenever possible to save electricity. Try to arrange your workplace such that natural light floods your work desk. In case your work is special and it requires extra lighting – tries to use a low powered desk lamp.



In conclusion: One of the most needed resources today is electricity, whether at home or in the office or any other place. As usage increases so do the cost. While generating more electricity is also a challenge, smart use of devices and the above points can definitely help save the electricity to a large extent resulting in savings in the electricity bills as well.

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