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Electricity travels through a conductive medium. This is the basic principle about Electricity.

Electric Shock is based on this principle.

In simple words, When a Person comes into contact with an electrical appliances or electrical wires or circuits. Then the person will get the electric shock. As Electricity finds a new path to travel and enters into them.

Energy flows through the body causing an electric shock. Electric shock can be harmful to your body. In fact, it also results in death.

So what you could try to avoid the risk of life.

You might call the Medical, or give first AID to electric shock victim. But, are you sure that the person has suffered from electric shock?

Do you know the electric shock symptoms?

To be honest, if you could recognize the symptoms of electric shock. You can cure it easily.

A person met with electrical accidents. He must have got scars, burn, and other injuries. This is our theory in most cases.

You are not 100% right, but not wrong too.

Electric shock victim could even be in cardiac arrest. So if you see anyone suffering from electric shock. First give them first AID and call for the Medical assistance.

Today’s discussion is about the symptoms of electric shock.

Electric Shock Symptoms

1. Not only has the Burn caused the most. Victim might suffer from taking breath, abdominal, chest, hearing, paralysis and more

2. The first and easy to find the symptom of electric shock is BURN mark. When your head, heels, and hands touch the source of electricity. It gives you burning mark.

3. The pain sometimes can be very hard to handle. As there is the possibility of broken bone.

4. Your blood count will decrease after getting an electric shock.

5. Usually kids take everything into the mouth. It is possible to get burnt, black or red mark.


An Electric shock could be life taking.

Electric shock symptoms are not so difficult to recognize. The difficult part is the treatment.

So always try to be very cautious in the electric environment.

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