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We all are aware of it, and still, we do it. We all are aware that our entire existence relies upon the use of renewable sources of energy and yet we waste them. We all are also aware of the impending voices of various stakeholderspleading us all to stop energy wastage. What if we told you that it only requires five gadgets for you to conserve more energy now? Have a look at them and get on to the energy conservation mode.

Smart Thermostats:

Normally thermostats are programmable. A smart thermostat analyzes how and when the family uses air conditioning system and follows your pattern for smartest energy savings. As much as 40% of your home’s overall energy bill from heating and cooling. Thermostats cost over 10,000 but many people across the west are willing to bear this cost to save energy.

LED Lighting:

LED bulbs are expensive in India, yet the benefits associated with them are innumerable. Fluorescent bulbs are expensive and generate a lot of heat. Energy conservation becomes impossible in these normal yellow colored bulbs we use. LED is a good alternative, providing a consistent light for thelittle money, and they are safe.

Energy Management Systems:

Imagine controlling your entire home using one single remote. You wouldn’t have to worry about leaving lights on or if your kids left the T.V on. The lights, air conditioning systems, appliances, stereos and security systems can all be controlled from your remote or with your Smartphone.

Energy Star Appliances:

energy star appliances

Various advertisements so far have clearly pointed out the importance of star rating equipment. When buying a new microwave, toaster oven, refrigerator, ceiling fan or other appliance, shop for Energy Star certified products. These appliances offer significant savings in operation, often saving you enough money to pay for the appliance in just a few months. Washing machine technologies have come particularly far recently.

Charging Stations:

Small time indiscipline and carelessness impact energy efficient and saving big time. We all plug in our phones but forget to switch off the switches when the charging is done. It is not until we put our phones for charging once again that we use the electricity. A lotof electricity is lost in this process. Charging stations are available which automatically turn off and stop phantom power leaks when phones are fully charged. Others shut off after a specific length of time, such as after 4.5 hours. Most cell phones are fully charged in this length of time.

Smart Power Strips:

If you keep forgetting to switch off or unplug devices every once in a while, then instead of having to unplug appliances and electronics around the house every night, consider a smart power strip that cuts phantom power from anything plugged into it.

These gadgets vary in price but are worth the investment, because they are a onetime investment which will result in a lot of savings in the electricity expenditure per month. Make sure you grab them and save not only the planet but also more money.

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