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Why and how to choose a perfect LED Bulb

LED Light bulb or Light lamp is a solid-state lamp which is composed of light emitting diodes.It has been in use since 70’s along with LED alarm, calculators and watches. Now, white light LEDs are also invented which can light up a room with high intensity and at an affordable price.

Sometimes it becomes a headache that whether LED bulb should be used or not. In fact, it is a great concern that how could you figure out the perfect situation for use of LED bulb. Here are some factors depending on which you can choose a perfect bulb for you:

  1. Intensity:

LEDs are efficient and this property made its application in portable battery operated devices such as calculators, watches etc more feasible and popular. With increased power, LEDs can offer substantial light output still retaining it’s efficiency. Manufacturers sometimes combine multiple individual LEDs into a single one for a brighter output.

  1. Color:

These days, it is available in various colors whereas earlier it was available in such designs which couldn’t make everyone happy. Now it is available in white color and emits a pleasant kind of light which fits a variety of applications. Exterior lighting generally should be warmer in tone as compared to the lighting in garage or kitchen which requires a brighter light.

  1. Cost:

Most of the negative aspects of LEDs have been eliminated over the years by the manufacturers. However, the cost of per unit and cost of operation of LEDs still remain high when compared with Compact Fluorescent (CF) or incandescent bulbs. But the lifespan of LEDs is almost 20 times when compared with conventional light bulbs which last for 2000 hours. Various power ratings of each bulb which is measured in Watts saves energy. Manufacturers of LED bulbs advertise the amount of electricity saved by the LED bulbs on the package which has been proved accurate after various tests.


When is it worth to buy a LED bulb?

To understand the application of LED bulbs, let’s consider the two applications. First could be a closet lamp and second could be kitchen or bathroom light. A closet lamp is rarely used whereas kitchen or bathroom lights are left on all night long. Hence it would be more advisable to upgrade your kitchen and bathroom light with LED bulbs as they are used for long hours. You can save a lot by this simple replacement.
You can also put LED bulbs in a room with a high ceiling where changing bulbs in very difficult or practically not possible. A house owner might give a lot for the ease of not replacing the bulb in such a ceiling for years.


Final Verdicts

Finally, we can say that LED bulbs offer a lot of advantages but their implementation is limited to cases where their high cost is justified by their cost of operation as well as other specific cases where it benefits the consumer.


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