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Importance of USB Electrical Outlets

Everyone today owns a smart phone, or an iPod, or a tablet or a device that uses a USB cable to charge it’s battery. USB acronym for Universal Serial Bus is an industry standard developed in early 1990s to bring a standard in cable connectors and assist data transfer. Even the very first version of USB i.e. 1.0 provides a current source of 5-volt which could power keyboard and mouse.

It is plug and play kind of interface and let peripheral and other devices to connect with computer. Moreover, it is widely used to transfer the energy to certain device such as mobile and tablets. And that’s why with the popularity of hand held devices, the USB port is now being used for charging more often than for transfer of data.

All major manufacturers of AC power outlets are providing a USB charging point in the outlet design. USB ports present in PCs and laptops are designed to sustain only a certain unit load. Some devices require a higher power rating for which a USB electrical outlet might be the perfect answer which has a higher capacity ranging to 5 amperes at 5 volts.

Why to use a USB Outlet?

Firstly installing your wall outlet with USB can remove the dependency of computer and laptop for charging your devices. Everyone needs to charge their devices on a daily basis hence it would be ideal to install a USB outlet at places you go most at your home i.e. bedroom and kitchen.

Secondly, most people leave the charger connected to the socket after charging and they remain plugged in all the time. Just like other electrical appliance, the charger draws power even when they are not charging. Whereas a wall outlet with USB will only draw power when they are charging which reduces power consumption and energy costs. Moreover it’s a space saver as compared to conventional charger some of which are so big that they cover the second plug and makes it useless.

 How to Install USB Outlet

There are many manufacturers of USB electrical outlets which manufacture single or double charging ports. Installing a new outlet is tricky because some outlets are wider and won’t fit on ordinary port. Before buying a new USB outlet, you should remove the old AC outlet and measure the inside of the junction box to make sure you purchase the correct one. The other way is you can remove the dry wall along with junction box and replace it with a larger port. You must be very careful while installing and must follow all the safety instructions. You must also make sure that you install the components properly otherwise you may risk ruining your device.

 Since devices have different USB connectors that are come in different shapes and sizes (Such as Standard, Micro and Mini) and need different length of USB cables as well. That’s why USB outlet should be installed with keeping these points in mind.

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