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Why one should avoid aluminium house wiring


Amid of 1965 and 1973, most of the people were shifting towards aluminium wiring rather instead of copper wiring. It is suspected that almost 450,000 home in Canada were embedded with aluminum wiring. On contrary, these days several options are emerges as better options which fit perfect for safety purpose and at the sometime cost effective as well.

Prior to opting any house wiring you should know every cons and pros of it. These days, there would be better options than aluminum wiring for residential wiring purpose and you really should go for advanced quality that will meet the standard quality of modern days.

  • Problem associated with aluminium wire

Well the aluminum wire itself is okay.  It is where the aluminum wiring makes a connection that is the focus of the problem. After many years of use and while still remaining functional in the branch circuits some connections may deteriorate and fail faster than others.

  • Reason of shifting towards aluminium wiring

There would be so many reasons such as unawareness of bad effect of aluminiumwire but the most important is that it is cost effective.

As copper wiring was escalating in price, builders sought relief from this cost, and the industry offered aluminum as an alternative. Despite being approved for installation, after a decade of use, some of the inherent properties of aluminum lead to its disuse as branch wiring material. Although properly maintained aluminum branch wiring is still considered acceptable, like all wiring, it will wear out.

So it becomes a need that everyone should find out whether it is an aluminum wiring or not. And if it exists then one should replace it with copper wiring or good house wiring.

  • How to find an aluminum wiring

During a home inspection, good home inspectors will remove the electrical panel cover and inspect the wiring for the presence of aluminum wiring. Should he determine its presence, he should investigate further and look for poor connections and other warning signs like:

  • Warm to the touch faceplates
  • Flickering light
  • Intermittent power
  • Circuits that simply don’t work
  • Strange noises or smells coming from outlets or switches


  • How to correct this issue

Rewiring the house is the largest commitment. It is the best option and is not as bad as most people think. Ask any homeowner that has upgraded their electrical system and they will tell you that it is well worth the money and it has protected the value of their home. Another major benefit of a re-wire is that the old system is most unlikely adequate for the job that it is called upon in today’s uses.

There are various options for dealing with aluminum wiring in your home:

  • Replace all the switches and receptacles with new ones that are rated for aluminum.
  • Rejuvenate all aluminum connections with crimp connectors
  • Rewire the house with new copper wire.


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