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There are a number of electrical wires and cables. Such Control Cable, Power Cable, Fire Survival cable and much more.

Yet, there exists a cable which is not so popular, but has occupied an important  place in the cable industry, they are known as

Instrumentation Signal Cables.

At First, Instrumentation Signal cables may look like other thick sheathed cables.

But, When you compare its appearance with its performance, your assumptions will change immediately.

The Instrumentation cables are not just normal cables. They transmit signals from one end to the other without any distortion.

Made of 99.99%  EC grade copper, the conductors of these cables are treated as per the industrial standards for flexibility, superior conductivity, and elongation.

Process instrumentation plays an impactful role in control & measurement of the processes.

Instrumentation Signal Cables, being insulated with a quality PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride). It makes the cable handling external temperature of above 85 degree Celsius.

Where ordinary cables have the single sheath, instrumentation cables comes with  multiple protective sheaths.

There are three basic reasons for providing an electrostatic sheath in a cable.

  1. It keeps away the external electrical disturbances, which might affect the signal in the cable.
  2. To prevent the signal in the cable, which can be detachable at other location than the ends of the cable.
  3. It eliminates the unwanted transfer of signal in the same cable.

Now when you get an idea about Instrumentation Signal Cable, It’s time now to get aware about the parts of the cable.

Instrumentation Signal Cables formed by twisting a bunch of cables together, and are packed with translucent non-hygroscopic polyester tape (Mylar Tape).

What is its Type

PVC Sheathed 225/650/1100 v Grade Cables As per BS: 5308/DIN VDE 0 815 & 816/IS: 1554/IEC:189.


0.5/0.75/1.0/1.5/2.5 SQ. mm

Parts of Instrumentation Signal Cable


Conductors, Copper or Aluminum, are used to transfer the current from one end to other. The resistance of a given conductor depends on the material it is made of, and on the dimensions. In these cables, it comes with  Stranded / Solid /Plain /Tinned conductor.


PVC/HR PVC/P.E./ Zero Halogen

Insulation  in cables is that material which is not a good electrically conductive material. Electrical current does not flow from it.


Mylar tape

It is a protection cover of cable. External forces can not damage the conductor and insulator.

PVC Jacket

The polyvinyl jacket is what makes cables work in the excessive heat.


Always believe in the perfect solution for any work. Whether you are using cables at your home or in offices or in big industries.

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