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Electricity is one aspect of human life which has its advantages as well as disadvantages too.

The reason why it is so useful is because it has given us several things. For example, Electricity gave us light, and devices such AC, Fan, Fridge, and much more are running on electricity.

The reason to praise Electricity is many.

However, it has some harmful effects too. We always hear from people and in news that people and animals are dying because of electric shock.

We are always being told to stay at a certain distance from electrical wires.


Because electricity is the flow of electrons.

We know that Electrical current is nothing but the movement of electrons and it flows along least resistance path.

And how ELECTRONS work?

  1. Power stations fetch electrons from a ground and flows through power lines, and run your devices and goes back to the ground.  This creates a closed loop to electricity to flow.
  2. An electrical potential is the other main aspect of electrons to move. There is electrical potential, there would be electrons and electric current.

Now you must be thinking!

Ok! We can be at a distance but why?

We are seeing birds, they fly and they sit on high tension power lines.

These Overhead power lines are very destructive in nature, it can easily injure you and in some cases, it results in DEATH!

But, how these birds are not getting any injury while sitting on power lines.

There is a scientific reason behind that, we will discuss it today.

First of all, let me tell you that there is nothing special that being the birds is any advantage of not getting an electrical shock.

No! Not at all.

Even You too can sit on the power line without getting an electric shock. But, remember, do not touch anything.

This is the case, why birds don’t get an electric shock.

Remember how electrons flow!

When a bird sits on single power line cable, both feet on the same cable, and the electrons reach where the bird is sitting, then electrons have only two options. Either go through the bird’s feet or go through the metal.

Metals are good conductors and electrons can flow them easily. Instead, travel through birds feet, it is easy to travel through metal.

No electrons mean no current.

And that’s how Birds survive!

However, if that bird stretches its wings/legs and touches the second wire,with electrical potential, The path for electrons will open through the bird’s body and cause them.

The same principle goes with a person. The electrons will travel through wires instead through the person.


Doing so will make a new low resistance path and as electrons prefer to go through low resistance path. It would go through the person and give them an electric shock.

Now you know, when we touch any live wire while having contact with the ground. On that moment our body work as the conductor.

And then electrons flows from the wire (High potential) to ground (Low Potential).

Your safety is in your hands, and we the Rallison Electricals(Manufactures of cables and wires) family believes in providing the best solution.

Be smart, Never go near to power lines.

If in case, you are needed to perform any electrical task at home or any places, you should have the essential equipment. You can see here essential electrical tools to perform the electrical task.

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