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Electricity is the most important aspect in human life.

People are using electricity everywhere. From Schools to colleges, from homes to offices and from private places to public places.

But, Have you ever thought about the risk which you all are taking?

Are you all using it effectively and with proper precaution?

Are the wires and cables good in condition?

Do you know first AID for electric shock, in case if it happens?

Can you do the first AID of electric shock victim?

If Answer of all the above question is NO!

Then this is the post you should definitely look at.

There are many Question which in if not taken seriously can cause electric shock and then you will realize how good the precaution can be.

Electric Shock

We all have heard about Electric shock.

But, what actually an Electric shock is?

Electric shock is the injury caused by electric current passing through the human body.

When human body makes a connection with any source of electricity which causes a current to flow through skin, muscles, or hair.

Electric shock may give you burns or marks or fire. An electrical current can cause internal damage too such cardiac arrest.

It is an indication that even a small amount of current can be fetal.

It really help if you know some basics of First AID.

First AID of electric shock victim

Although it is hard to determine immediately whether a person is suffering from electric shock or not. However, if you think the person is suffering from electric shock, approach with extreme caution.

You can call for emergency. In the meanwhile if you think that victim is needed any help. You can also perform first AID.


Follow these steps;

  • The first and foremost step is to separate the person from the source of electricity as quickly as possible. The best way of doing this is to turn off the supply. 
  • If this isn’t seem working, try to remove the source of electricity from the person. For this use an insulating material such as a length of wood. 
  • Do not touch the victim immediately as you may cause the shock. 
  • When Victim is removed from the electricity source. Call the doctor or if you know basic first AID, then try applying safely on victim. 
  • Place victim in the recovery position. 
  • Do CPR, if in case victim is not taking breath. 
  • Examine Victim’s body for any injury, mark or burn. 
  • If possible apply bandage on burn mark. Never use blanket or towel on burn marks. 
  • Talking can make a difference, try to talk with victim. Ask about their pain and injury on body part. 
  • If the victim is bleeding, try to stop that with a clean cloth. 
  • Now you can wait for the emergency service to come.

The above points are very basic first AID for electric shock. If taken care, you can even perform these much better than anyone.


We Rallison Electricals Pvt. Ltd. always believe to provide quality wires and cables which can be in working condition for a long period of time.

At the same time, we know how important is human safety is.

We are always here to help with our simple tips and suggestion. That can make you feel safe and secure in the web of electricity wires, appliances and devices.

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