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Top five visible signs that you need to change the wiring of your house/office.

Top five visible signs that you need to change the wiring of your house/office.

As per our previous post, we all know how important it is to have a secure and stable electrical infrastructure. It makes sense to take a good look at the existing set up that you have in your house/ office. After all, the cost of not adhering to safety norms and standards can be many folds and the damage is irreparable.

Here are the five top signs that make you think why you should review your electrical circuit.

  1. The physical condition of your home/ office

Often times, our homes/offices are in buildings which are decades old. They are damp in the rainy seasons and the walls soak in a lot of moisture. If the electric wires run through these walls or are placed on these walls, the circuits should be checked for any leakage or damaged insulations. If the pipes are concealed in the walls, and the wall gets wet or there is water damage that is visible, you should get the wiring checked through professionals. 

  1. The appearance of the casing

The casing that runs the electrical wires can sometimes show tell-tale signs of bending or warping at edges. This is a sign that it could be over-heating. Before you actually check this out, make sure the electrical supply is switched off to these sections. Calling a professional to help is the best way to deal with it.

  1. The appearance of the wiring

If the wires have their outer insulation cracked or they show signs of fading and have lost color, it is time to either change the whole wiring or at least the damaged parts.

Pro tip:  Do not handle cracked wires, even with safety gloves on unless you know that there is no current flowing through it. Even with the supply off and the plug removed, sometimes residue static charge remains that could give you a nasty jolt. Always rely on professional help to handle this. The professionals have received special training to take care of such situations.

  1. A burning smell after switching on power

This is true in panels and power consoles of large servers or machines. After opening the door if you have an acrid or burning smell, something is overheating and may be burning. This is true for industrial and manufacturing setups which may have expensive machines being controlled through them. A simple visible inspection can determine if the wiring is damaged and needs to be replaced.

  1. Neat and clean is not always safe

If the wiring is just done haphazardly without any order or neatness to it, this is a sure fire recipe for disaster waiting to happen. Having said that, a neat and tidy job may not always mean the wiring is safe and done properly. We need to make sure the right size, the right grade and the right specifications are determined and followed properly.

Check these out on a regular basis. If this is about your office, set a process with the admin teams to do a quick visual audit every six months – and time it to just after a month into the rainy season. This should be a good test of the circuit and you can make the observations properly. In our subsequent posts, we are going to share more information about the steps to follow if there is an electrical short circuit and a fire due to the same.

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