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Hiding wires is far better than watching them dangling here and there. Even the entire entertainment system can be used in secrecy!!

Home automation and Entertainment systems are advancing on such a vast scale that technology not only leaves its footprints inside homes but in our hearts as well.

Captivating yet useful are the are the wires but seeing them swinging ruins not only the appearances but also risks having any mishaps.

Nobody wants to lose their hearts because of such tiny yet alarming issues.

Camouflaging wires is the best countermeasure

Homeowners are not just interested in hiding TV Wires but also other wire related products like – their TVs, Game consoles, Blu-ray Players, receivers and many more one could think off.

Nobody wants things to be transparently displaced. This doesn’t put with the home’s décor. Such kind of negativity is not required at your home.

Devices and cables can be visually disrupting because of design consideration factor. Moreover safety reasons to play some role. Someone rightly said more the technology kept hidden less the

Trying to find ways of hiding TV wires, or looking for entertainment with minimum presence ?

We got some amazing tips to your rescue….

Cheap ways to hide TV wires

An audiovisual pro hired to hide TV wires doesn’t count for a practical approach. Money constraints can add up too. Renting a house or considering renovation to avoid big changes can also play a major factor .

To help you in such cases, try these ideas for hiding TV wires.

Cable raceways an add-on

Raceways can be thought of as customizable cable covers. Many of these come in kits which include elbows and T-joints, tracks etc. to guide and hide wires on the walls like power and HDMI cables of a wall mounted TV. You can get them painted to blend in.

Apartment persons love to use this often. It’s advisable to use raceways that fasten with screws. Some having adhesive backings look convenient but damages the wall on removal.

Hollow moldings another safer way

Hollow or concave crown molding and baseboard hide cables running along the wall are similar to raceways. These play a helpful role for those fascinated about hiding speaker wire while setting up a home theater system.

To have a seamless look, you will have to get the cable behind the molding, which might require running them behind a wall.

Make a note those only low-voltage wires to be used for running behind walls. Make sure you check up a pro for advice or check state and local electrical codes before running cables through walls.

Just like raceways, hollow moldings too are inexpensive. But material, look and coverage area needed can add-on to its cost.

Wireless HDMI: Hide your entertainment system

You can enjoy your Blu-ray player, game console, home theater receiver and many more without [actually seeing them.

Some wireless kits support 4K resolution and 7.1-channel surround soundand thus provide a good job transmitting if you try hiding something inside a closet nearby.

Cheaper models are eye-catchy but they tend to loose signals if someone walks in front of them.

Thus while buying a wireless HDMI kit, ensure it works properly in an area where you plan to hide your devices.

Mirror TV: Make your HDTV vanish

Thinking of a design friendly home? Try replacing HDTV with a mirror TV.

These are the coolest real thing invented so far.  One can see them a lot in bathrooms, above fireplaces on in a living room.

Room’s prime focal point is often occupied by HDTV’s. It works great when TV is on but when switched off it looks exactly like a black hole distorting the look.

Mirror TVs are the best solution to this problem as they turn the screen into a mirror when switched off. When TV is on it demagnetizes the mirror.

Although mirror TVs are not very cost effective but to compromise on the rooms look is also not the wisest decision.

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