As the time is changing and so is the electrical wiring technology.  A wire has three main parts which are Conductor, Insulator and sheath.

Without wires, you can not think about electricity. Perhaps, it is the Oxygen of Electricity flow.  

With the increase in installing new devices, renovations, electricity load and maintenance of old electric board, electrical wires become a priority.

Electricity flows from conductor, which, Silver, copper and aluminum. We will discuss about Copper and Aluminum.

Although, Copper and Aluminum, both are good conductor of electricity.

Aluminum is used in big industries and Copper is having its role in household application.

But, here arises a Question, Which conductor is better among both? Copper or Aluminum?

In this article, I will give you some suggestion and after reading these, you can choose which conductor is better than other.

Aluminum wires:

  • aluminum-wireOne of the most important factor of aluminum wiring over copper wiring is its weight. Aluminum wires comes in lightweight and flexible in nature, which makes it effective for power distribution.
  • Aluminum wires are fairly malleable and easy to work with due to its lightweight.
  • Being light in weight, this wiring solution is best for long distance jobs or overhead wiring.
  • Aluminum reduces corona, an electric discharge directly associated with power transmissions.
  • Aluminum wires comes in a budget.
  • Moreover, larger aluminum wiring require less support compared to copper wiring which makes it a perfect choice for industrial purposes.

Copper Wires

  • copper-wireCopper, has the highest electrical conductivity as compare to other metals. It makes possible for smaller conductors to be used to transmit power loads.
  • The reason of choosing smaller conductors is because, they are easy to install, less expensive and transport, which makes wiring cost less.
  • Copper is stable as compare to aluminum, due to its usage in household or in building only.
  • Copper has high ductile property, which allows it to form into very fine wire and more versatile.
  • High tensile strength of copper makes it stand and operate in extreme stress without any sign of wear and tear.
  • Copper wires adds value to home because of it high durability, low maintenance, great performance and high resilience


Electrical wire with high electricity conductivity, durability, flexibility and tensile strength makes a great wiring solution.

I would recommend Copper wire for household purposes. Because of some drawbacks which aluminum has.

The drawbacks of Aluminum is its property of corrosion, due to which it acts as an insulator.

Insulator known for obstructing the flow of electricity. And in addition to it, the corrosion is not externally visible which makes the whole transmission under pressure.

If the installation of aluminum is not correct, the chances of fire increases.

At Rallison Electricals Pvt. Ltd. you will find every wiring solution, be it aluminum or copper.

We believe in providing you the best with one vision and that is,” Stay safe, Stay healthy and decorate your house and industries with Rallison wires.

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