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Electricity is everywhere. And it is only because of wires and cable. These wires & cables act as the medium through which electricity flows from one point to other.

Due to electricity, we are being able to do impossible things.

The importance of electricity is visible. Electronic appliances (Light, AC, TV etc), electric vehicle (Bus, Train etc), Healthcare (ECG, X-Ray Machines etc), Nuclear reactors, and so on.

Even the Space Mission is only possible because of electricity.

So, is electricity solely responsible for all of this?

Not fully.

What we want to say is, No Wires & Cable means no Electricity.

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Moving ahead,

You all have been using or seeing the wires in home with different colors.  And must have thought that why these are in colors.

In simple words, the color coating acts as an insulation which protects the conductor or people from getting the electric shock.

Besides this,

Knowing the color code of wires dictates which wire does what is imperative. It helps in setting the correct electrical system configuration and protects you from electricity.

Below is the detailed illustration that explains why wires come in different color & their uses:


Green Wire

Green color wire is responsible for the grounding purpose. These wires provides a path to ground for a circuit’s electric current in the case when a live/hot wire touches any conductive material (metal for example).

Always connect a green wire to green wire. Don’t connect it with other wires.


Black Wire

Need to power all the circuits, use Black Wires.

Black wires or also called as hot/live wires is not the perfect wire for grounding or neutral purposes. However, these wires could be used as the power feed for an outlet or Switch.

Black wires are being used as a switch leg in the power circuit to provide a connection to the electrical load.

Blue & Yellow

Blue Wire


Yellow Wire

Both Blue & Yellow color wires can be used as live wires to carry current. These wires are usually pulled in conduit.

Yellow Wires are best match in switch legs to run electrical appliances such Fans, Bulbs, Lights & more.

Whereas Blue wires act as a traveler for a 3-way/4-way switches.

Gray & White

Gray Wire

      White Wire

The Gray & white color wires indicate a neutral wire. White color wires are used more often than gray wires for this purpose.

A neutral wire shares a connection to the neutral bus bar within an electric panel.

Remember, you should connect Gray & white wires only to other gray & white wires.

Because it doesn’t matter these wires are neutral, they can still carry electric current (not balanced load)


Red Wire

Red color wires also for indicating the live/hot wires (secondary wire). These wires have significance in 220-volt circuit.

Red color wires used in switch legs (Fan), interconnection between smoke detectors that are hard-wired into the power system.

Remember, you should never connect red wires with it & other wires.


Always choose the perfect wires for desired applications.

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