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Electricity is one of the most important aspect in human life. Without it, you can’t imagine a single thing.

Several devices runs on electricity. For example, Lights, Fan, AC, Computers, TV, Streetlights and more.

Besides these, most of the secret programs, industry applications, Defense sector and Space programs are having a use of electricity.

And for every work which directly or indirectly related to electricity, needs some specific electric hand tools. It isn’t matter you are an electrician or not. You need some tools to help in curing the electric shock.

It is also an important part of home application. People do uses the tools while working with electricity or any electronic devices.Although, working with electric tools could be a little complicated at first time. But every tool comes with a user-manual which makes easier for you to use these.

Electric hand tools are very powerful tools tools that can cut a great amount of work in a quick span of time, which if done manually could take lot of time. You can say, the hand tools are very time and cost effective tools.

The evolution of hand tools has been drastic from the dawn of the invention, hand tools to mechanical tools and then finally to electric power tools.

At current, every hand tool has an electric option for it as well. It does not matter it is drill or hammers or saws, there are electric counterparts available for them.

An Electrician uses a number of tools while working with wires, but at house only few of them have a use.

Commonly used Electric hand tools include:


Long-nose pliers commonly used for bending purposes. It bends small loops of electric wires. This tool is similar to Lineman’s pliers and is used for cutting wires, but only the thin ones.

long-nose-pliers-3The tool is excellent for putting a hole in wire where standard pliers and your fingers can’t reach.


Lineman’s pliers are similar to as of Long nose pliers. But is is considered ideal  for cutting heavy wires and cables. Lineman’s plier helps in twisting wire ends of the wires that are heavy and larger in radius.

lineman-pliersLineman’s plier tool is very easy to use. And you can use it in house too.


One of the most important and used tool in electrical wiring of house. Comes with a plastic and a rubber insulation, you first have to remove this insulation before connecting wires with devices.

wire-stripperIt might also need you to splice the wires. If there is a need of setting connection.


Screwdrivers, a must-have kind of tool for your house. Flat-blade, head and slotted screwdriver are the important tools that you must have in your home. Main purpose of screwdriver is tightening and unscrewing the screws.

screwdriversScrewdrivers sizes comes according to the screw size. It means, a huge range.

Circuit tester

If you are willing to test the presence of current in a wire, than Circuit tester is the tool you need. Very simple to use and comes with in limited cost.

circuit-tester-2You first have to plug a circuit tester in an outlet. It will help to tell you whether the circuit is hot or not.

If the circuit is hot, it means the current is there.


Electricity, indeed a very important part of daily life.

But sometimes it can create problem too. For example, electric shock or in some cases fire.

It happens when some wire get scratch or some heavy voltage comes in.

Though you can not do a thing, but, with the help of the above tools, you can check the flow of electricity and maintain the circuit too.

Rallison Electricals Pvt. Ltd. always prefer the safety first. We have a huge range of wires and cables with long life.

If you want to stay in a shock free house and building, contact us for value things.


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