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As we all are aware that an electric shock occurs when we touch an electrical appliance with wet hands and the current flows in our body. Apart from this, there are various other causes which can lead to an electric shock and about which you should have knowledge in advance.
According to a study, many people have died due to electrocution (death caused by electric shock), which is even more than deaths caused by lightning.
Let us see what can cause an electric shock.


  • An electric shock can be caused by Direct or Indirect contact. By direct contact we mean that the person touches the faulty part of an electrical appliance directly. Indirect contact means that when the person touches the appliance’s faulty part through the insulation but still catches a shock because that part’s insulation was not proper or it has got worn-out.
  • We are likely to get an electric shock while exploring various electrical appliances. People usually have a habit of correcting minor faults in various appliances by themselves. Due to this they may explore the appliance in such a way that it could cause a shock as they don’t have proper knowledge about it.


The symptoms of electric shock usually differ according to the intensity of current. This means that sometimes if we suffer a very minor shock, then it is possible that no signs are seen on our body. But if the shock is very severe then we can see different symptoms on our body.

  • Burns- The part of our body exposed to the electrical appliance can get burns if we suffer
    from electric shock. It occurs when the current is very severe.
  • Muscular Pains- The person can even get a muscular pain if he/she suffers from an
    electric shock. This is because sometimes due to high electric shock;
    the person is thrown away at a different place which can cause his/her
    body to get hurt.
  • Injuries- The person can suffer very severe injuries also due to the shock. These may
    include spinal injuries, injuries in brain, abdominal injuries, injuries in hand or
    arms and bone injuries.
  • Cardiac Arrest- Some people can even get a heart attack or cardiac arrest due to the
    electric shock. This depends on the body of individuals as different people have
    different abilities to bear a shock.
  • Nervous Issues- The person can even get a nervous attack due to an electric shock. This
    may even have an effect on the heart or lungs of the person.
  • Paralysis- A part of the person’s body can get paralyzed due to the effect of an electric
    shock which has a high intensity.
  • Mouth Burns- These burns can be found in children as they bite an electric cord. The burns may appear on the lip of the child when they bite the cord. The area can have a red or dark appearance.

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