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All of us know what electric wires and cables are.

In simple words, we can describe them as the transporter of electricity. Electricity flows inside the wires and cable and goes from one point to other.

A basic wire and cable consist of 3 main parts, which are Insulator, Conductor, and sheath.

First “Insulator” protect us from getting the electric shock.

Second “Conductor” through which electricity flows. It can be of Copper, Aluminum or silver.


Last , but not least “Sheath” or Armour is an outer part which protects an insulator and conductor from outer damage.

The above are common in all type of wires.

It is a standard of electric wires and cables.

However, One more thing which is common in all type of wire and cables is their SHAPE.

We all had seen and have been seeing from a long time that mostly wires comes in Circular (Round) shape.


What Circle shape actually do to wires?

Is it beneficial?

It is probably, because

it’s an easy shape to extrude thru a die and it has the least surface area, so it takes the least amount of insulation to cover it.

That’s it??

No, that is not an end.

There is reason behind this.

Circular shape wires are easier to manufacture, easy to handle, easy to bend, easy to insulate and easy to pack.

And we can also describe it with the help of


You know Maths, we all do!

A Circle always gives most surface area with the minimum circumference.

And makes Cross-sectional area of wire the easiest, cheapest and reliable.

The diameter is controlled by the temperature and pull rate — you pull it faster and get a thin wire.

Have a look at these points too:

  • Lack of edges, less injury!
  • Conductors in the circular shape are always helpful for minimum loss of electricity.
  • It is due to the fact that other shapes will cause the charges to accumulate on the irregularities of the body and will cause extra losses to the conductors.
  • Radial symmetry makes it easier to measure.
  • The flexibility of Circular wires is much more than other shaped wires.

These things make a point that it is really beneficial for all of us.

But, it does not matter that you have only one choice.

Wires and cables come in shapes other than round(Circle) too.


Circular wires save your extra cost on conductors, easy to handle and gives you less injury.

We Rallison Electricals Pvt. Ltd. are very happy to provide you the better electrical wiring and cabling solution for your homes and offices.


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