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An Electrical Power cable, which is made up of two or more conductors (Electrical), mostly of Copper or aluminum, established side by side of each other, plain or in twisted form, inside an assembly, whose end points are connected with two points making an electric path. These cables are covered inside a sheath.

From one point electricity will come and the second end point would be connected with any electronic appliance.

An Electrical power cable used in electronic devices to make an electric path to give power. By using high-voltage power cables, you can transmit the alternative and direct current. Power cables mostly installed in building, place into the ground, run overhead or externally. These cables are not so much flexible in nature.

Flexible power cables are being used in portable devices, mobiles and in gadgets.

Main purpose of Electrical Power Cable is to carry the electricity safely from one point to other point.

Components of Electrical Power cable

  • electrical_power_cableConductor- It is usually made up of Aluminium (Al) or Copper (Cu). Copper has a property that it is heavier and densier in nature, but have more conductivity than Aluminium (Al). An Electrically equivalent Aluminium have 1.6 time’s larger cross-sectional area than Copper and half the weight of copper. It can lower the cost of the Cable, to make the Conductor more brittle, a process named Annealing is used, which gradually give heating and cooling to make conductor malleable and brittle.  
  • Insulation or Insulators are used to cover the conductor, to keep the temperature in control. Typically, Thermoplastic (PVC) or Thermosetting (ERP, XLRE) materials is used for insulation.
  • Sheath is the outer most layer, which protects the Power cable from chemical effects, bad weather or external effects. It is also called as protective cover of Power Cable. It can be PVC (for thermoplastic) or CSP (for thermosetting). Sheath is the place where Manufacturer’s mark is printed.
  • Armor is used for mechanical protection of conductors. Steel wire armor (SWA) is usually used in multi-color cable. Aluminum wire armor can be used in single wire cable. If Steel wire Armor is not present than Phosphor bronze or tinning copper braid can be used. Galvanizing or tinning can cure the problem of Rust. 
  • Fillers made of soft Polymer material, which is used to fill the insulation and conductor part of Power cable.
  • Bedding is called as inner sheath of the cable, which is used to keep the bundle of wire together and provide the bedding for Armor.

Types and Sizes

1.1KV PVC/XLPE as per IS:1554-(part-I)/IS:7098(Part-I)/BS/IEC.Sizes:Single Core1.5 to 1000 sq. mm. Multi core 1.5 to 630 sq. mm.

Application of Electrical Power cable

Besides, using the Power cable in Buildings only, it can be used in other places too. Following are the applications of Power cable as where you can use it.


  • Tunnels
  • Car parking
  • Public service Buildings
  • Telecommunication


  • Hospitals,
  • Airports,
  • Commercial Center
  • Multiplex
  • Fire Station
  • School

Historical places

  • Museum
  • Castle
  • Fort
  • Libraries
  • Church

Operating Areas

  • Heavy metal Industry
  • Airplane
  • Ships
  • Nuclear Missile
  • Nuclear Power station


  • Refinery
  • Coal Industry
  • Automobile
  • IT


As Electrical power cable have several usage in modern life. It is a sheer technology in cable wiring. The Power cable has a tendency to lower the heat temperature and prevent the electricity breakdown. Rallison Electricals Pvt. Ltd. is providing these cables to make the continuous flow of safe electricity through Electrical Power cable.

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