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Did you know, that a good quality LED light bulb can last 25x longer than a normal one?

The light-emitting diode (LED) bulb has existed for over 50 years but has only in recent years gained its name as an energy efficient, cost saving option and alternative to traditional lighting methods. We take a look at the benefits of LED light bulbs:


The numbers add up in terms of LED efficiency. In fact, the average efficiency comes in at 78 lumens per watt. This rises victorious over the 13 and 18 lumens per watt for incandescent and halogens respectively. Multiply this times the number of outdoor lights, and the efficiency adds up.


Ready for the shocker? The life rating of many LED light bulbs is 50,000 hours. (Compare this to the 1,500 hours of an incandescent bulb). Translation? Use an LED bulb 12 hours per day and it lasts longer than 11 years (50 times longer than incandescent).


Don’t be fooled. While the upfront cost of purchasing LED lighting causes sticker shock, other factors come into play besides the dollar sign on the tag. In this case, the energy savings (one-sixth the energy consumption of incandescent) and lifespan (25 times longer) lowers actual cost.


Wherever you experience darkness, LED light bulbs shed light. Outdoor lights such as floodlights and front porch pendants and garden lights such as spotlights and landscape features make space for these new options. Be sure to consider size and light emission qualities to get the desired look.


For the ability to control light levels, choose LED bulbs which are labelled “dimmable.” If, however, your switches are older, consider replacing them with brands specifically engineered for use with LED bulbs to avoid wiring issues and electric problems. Otherwise, you may run into issues. Again, contacting a professional electrician proves wise when switching out fixtures.


LED light bulbs offer cool to the touch surfaces unlike their antiquated comrades the incandescent. This feature brings greater safety with reduced fire or burn risk when changing a bulb and for objects which may come into contact with the lighting such as a shade, fabric or a child’s hand.


The rise of technology leads to Wi-Fi connected LED bulbs which offer convenient operation from a smartphone. Furthermore, colors combined within the same bulb give options to homeowners in choosing their hue according to mood, time of day or a themed party. These features give you the ability to cue outdoor lighting according to preference and for safety.

For further questions on LED outdoor lights, check with a local electrician. At RallisonElectrical, We provide LED bulbs as well as fitting. Give us a call today to discuss LED or any other electric problems you may be facing!

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