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Flexible Multicore cables are constructed from copper and best known for the flexibility. These cables are used in control panels, portable devices and in the different environment in industries. You can also use it in homes.

One best feature of the flexible cable is its capability to work in different temperatures. It means these cables can stand in the excessive heat and in cold too. Besides this, there are many reasons for using multicore cables.

Why flexible multicore cable?

Due to its flexibility and ability to work in high and low temperature. These cables are the perfect match in machine tools, control panels, and other electrical appliances. And,

  • The insulated cores of the cable are laid up to form the core assembly.
  • The inner core of the cable is well coded for National/International identification.
  • Almost 40% smaller than comparable products.
  • The Presence of copper conductor gives these cable the flexibility to enter in a very small area without getting any damage.
  • Enhanced chemical and fluid resistance
  • And its ability to include signal, power, and data in the same cable.
  • Being electrical, mechanically and thermally stable, these cables emit less smoke and have desired oxygen and temperature, which helps during fire accidents.

Parts of flexible multicore cable

Electrical cables and wires come with 3 basic parts. So is the multicore flexible cable.

1. Conductor:

The Conductor is the material inside which the electricity flows. It can be of Copper, Aluminum or Silver.

These cables come in the pure Copper conductor. Copper strands give the useful flexibility to wires.

2. Insulator:

Insulation stops the electrical current to come out. It is a protection over conducting material. If you have seen a wire, the colorful coating acts as insulation. Insulation can be made of materials like PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) or XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene).

The flexible multicore cable comes with PVC insulation.

3. Sheath:

Sheath or Jacket is for external protection of cables. Inner sheath and outer sheath are the part of the cable. The sheath is of PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) material in flexible cables which protect the cable from toxic chemicals, oil, and grease.

You may like to use these cables for better protection against electrical current. These cables come in different size & type.


PVC Insulated 1100 V  as per IS: 694/BS


The Flexible multicore cable comes in 2, 3 , 4 up to 24 cores.

Where to use:

Due to the PVC/XLPE insulation these cables are applicable in excessive temperature. Besides this,

  • These cables are best suited in the tools and machine which will be used in extreme temperature.
  • At homes, you may see these cables in your microwave oven, and AC.
  • In Internal wiring of Missile, Radar, and weapon system.
  • In Rotating turret, signal & power, controlling and launching system.
  • In Zero halogen cabling.


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