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Home! One place in the world where you feel safe always. We wish you a safe life.

But, what if your home become unsafe?

What if you start feeling insecure every time in the home?

And Security & safety is what your home offers you.

If you are not feeling safe & worried about some threat. Threat of fire, threat of electricity or threat of anything.

In today’s discussion, you will learn how to deal & discover with hidden electrical problems.

I mean it is obvious because you live in a house with electricity, web of electrical wires and electrical devices.

It is the necessity of present time.

In spite of huge benefits of electricity, it can be dangerous too if not taken care properly.

So, whether you are living in your old home or you are thinking to shift in new.

Be sure to check the electrical installations and circuit breakers, in case.

I know, it is not your profession & you cannot perform electrical task, but you can find the hidden electricity problem, at least.

For this purpose, have a look on these:

10 best ways to find hidden electrical problem

1. Look if Power outlets are hot/bad color

bad-power-outlets-768x576You can easily find this one.If outlets are hot and in bad color, it means that internal wiring is loose.

You can do one thing, either tight the connection or ask any electrician to change the internal wires.

2. Buzz and flickering lights

flickering-lightsUsually, lights do not buzz or flicker. However, if the wires or connections loose somehow than try replacing these lights as soon as possible.

Buzzing & flickering of lights might seem minor to you, but these can simple overload the circuit, loose the electrical panels, voltage dips and damage the electrical appliances.

3. Breaker flips or blown fuses

breaker-flipsThe role of Circuit breaker is tripping.Circuit trips, in the case of several devices, runs on single circuit.

It means safe electricity.

However, if the circuit breaker trips frequently even when the single device is running. It is a sign that there is a problem in the circuit breaker.

If you meet this electrical problem, try and ask a professional electrician to inspect the ground wiring, connection defects or any minor & major issues.

4. Outdated Wiring

outdated-wiring-300x204Believe it or not, Electrical Wires are the silent protector of safe electricity.

It is clear because the wiring is the basic medium through which current flows and gives you electricity.

So it is quite simple. That the medium of electricity should be well maintained.

In spite of having knowledge about wirings, many homeowners decide to replace the wires only after they catch fire or power failure.

If circuit breakers trip often or fuses are blowing out once in a while. It might possible that your home electrical system is suffering from electricity problems caused by outdated electrical wires and knobs.

5. Aluminum Wiring

aluminum-wiringAluminum and Copper are two best conductive materials in electrical wire.

The reason why you need to look at this part is because aluminum wires oxidize and corrode faster than copper wire, and causes splice and terminal overheating.

Click here to See the difference between Aluminum and copper wires.

6. Check for Faulty arcs

arc-faultsAn Arc fault occurs when the current leave the designated path. Faulty arc is the main cause of electrical fires.

Arc faults are caused by internal wiring faults, pinched or overheated wires/cords, damaged cords, and loose outlet connections.

Use Arc-fault interrupter, a device to identify wiring abnormalities and shut down the current before it overheats.

7. Low-quality Electrical products

low-qualityLow-quality circuit breakers, power strips, and extension cords, often spark, melt and blows off. Which is why fire takes place.

Instead of choosing low-quality electrical products, opt for sockets and extension cords that bear logos/holograms of the manufacturer.

8. Tingling when you touch an electrical device

tinglingSometimes, electrical devices give you a minor shock or tingling sensation.

The reason behind it is short circuits and loose connections.

So when you feel this sensation, we recommend you not to touch the devices.

Unplug it first and ask an electrician to examine both the device and wiring system.

9. Continues Burning Smell

smellUsually burning smell comes when there occur any overheating issues with wires and devices.

It might possible that devices and wires are not installed properly.

If you smell something, try locating the source of the smell, unplug the device, and check it.

Turn off the circuit breaker immediately if the source of burning smell is wires or power outlets.

10. Broken Switches/extension cords


Broken switches, outlets, and plugs can also create electrical problems.

This is by far the most common electrical problem in every home. Try and replacing broken electricity mediums.


Electricity problems are huge in numbers. And these can be harmful to you.

But, if taken care properly, even electricity can become your best partner.

Everything needs care, maintenance so why not electricity.

Do check your electricity at home and office for safe surrounding.

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