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LED light bulbs are definitely trending in the light bulb industry, both for indoor and outdoor lighting. These smartly made light bulbs are efficient enough to reduce environmental impact but provide a natural enough light to make your home or office comfortable and inviting. Use LED bulbs for all of your lighting purposes to make your space totally customised and well-lit.

LED Colour Temperature

The colour range that LED bulbs emit gives them the glow that provides the light you use for your space. The colour is determined by temperature, which will vary from bulb to bulb, and can range from a very white, bright daylight colour to a softer, more yellow warm white colour.

Depending on your decor and the intended ambience in your setting, you may want to consider the colour temperature of your bulbs. Your interior designer or electrician can help you to determine the right bulbs for your rooms, ensuring that they are practically sound as well as aesthetically pleasing.

LED Bulbs and Heat

Many older eco-friendly light bulbs emit a lot of heat. This can lead to electrical problems in a socket’s wiring if the socket is not rated to handle this type of heat. Rallison LED bulbs do not cause these problems as they are designed with special ceramic or aluminium bodies that keep the heat sources away from other socket components. This helps to reduce electric problems caused by overheating light bulbs.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of LED light bulbs is unique to traditional incandescent bulbs, in order to facilitate the components that a LED bulb needs to operate. Instead of the narrow neck and wide orb of an incandescent, LED bulbs have a more triangular shape with the same base style of an incandescent to fit the sockets installed during earlier electric projects.

A LED light bulb’s view angle varies between 10 and 60 degrees in range to help control the brightness emitted by each individual bulb. A narrow bulb will produce a more directed light and thus seem brighter than a wider one, though they are powered equally.

If you’re unsure, talk with your local electrician to learn more about whether LED bulbs are a good fit for your home. At Rallison Electrical, we provide both the LED light bulbs and the LED electrical fitting service to fully kit out your property in eco-friendly, cost-effective light bulbs. Find out more!


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