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We all know that in present time electricity is one of the most common factors of any country. If you have electricity, you can do several task.

Without electricity, we cannot think of anything. But as the demand for electricity is increasing so is the cost is increasing. Which is affecting your pockets?

Today we will discuss how much electricity is being consumed by light bulbs. As light bulbs are one of the most common factors.

Initially, when there was no LED, people had only one choice then and that was halogens. But the energy consumption was too much.

Time passes and there came CFLs. But that too was not convincing.

After all the efforts and technological advancement, there came LEDs.

Now, everybody is looking for energy efficient solution. By using LED at your home and your workplaces, you can lessen energy bills.

Why LEDs over halogens and CFLs?

I know, you are using the traditional bulbs for quite a long time now. But, when you have given a bulb (LED) which is famous because of less power consumption and long life, why you need to use the traditional bulbs?

Besides this, LED bulbs can easily withstand external shocks and damages. You can easily irradiate your house with energy efficient and eco-friendly Rallison LED light bulbs.

Now have a look at some benefits of LED bulbs over halogens and CFLs


Durability is by far the best feature of LED bulbs. LED bulbs give 20,000 hours of lighting or more as per daily usage at home and workplace.

That make LED  bulbs 10-times longer than CFLs and Halogens. These bulbs can even work in any accidental bumps.

Free from Mercury

LED bulbs are also known to be environment-friendly as it does not come with Mercury.

You need not worry about the disposal of these bulbs, because of the absence of mercury. Whereas, If same happens with halogens, it affects the environment too.

Less Heat

The shell of LED is made up of plastic material. Because of this, it gives cooler light as compared to halogen and CFL.

The material helps it to generate less heat. LED bulbs always use energy to produce light, whereas halogens use heat to produce light.


It is one of the most basic demand of everyone. Energy Efficiency.

If anytime LED bulbs have given a name, that would be Energy Efficient light. It is almost 80% more energy efficient than normal bulbs.

That makes you cut down the electricity bills. And as the lifespan of LED bulbs are more than normal bulbs, you don’t have to change it on a regular basis.


One question that always kept coming into the mind and that is COST.

Though, LED bulbs are bit costly than normal bulbs. But if you look at the lifespan of normal bulbs. Then you will say that these bulbs are affordable.


LED bulbs come in different shape and design which produce highly efficient illumination. It can be dimmed which in result gives a dynamic control of light, distribution, and color.

A well-designed LED bulb can produce amazing lighting effects which make your mood and mind fresh.

Working in Cold/ Hot Temperatures

If it comes to be in operation under hot or cold temperature, LED bulbs are best than normal bulbs.

As fluorescent bulbs may not work in low temperatures.


Always choose the right lighting solution for your home and workplace.

We at Rallison Electricals Pvt. Ltd. presents you a whole new range of LED bulbs. You can choose according to your demand. We believe in giving perfect lighting solution.

Do not compromise with energy efficient lighting.

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