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Man is said to have an inherent ability to love and hence cannot hate anyone. And that’s how we all are, we spread love. But hey, have you ever thought of loving a wire? The concept sounds bizarre and lame. But did u ever think of all those properties which make your electrical wires endure extreme weather conditions? Some wires take fire onto them too, and still ensure your safety. We are talking about the fire survival cables. Here are a few reasons why we love them, and probably you should too.

Resistance to fire is the property of a material or assembly to endure fire or give protection from it. Resistance to fire is measured in terms of the time a product can function, even when fire is persistent.

For cables, resistance-to-fire means:

  • the ability of a cable to maintain functionality during fire;
  • the duration of survival in working condition;
  • One specific cable family: Fire Resistant Cables.

The resistance-to-fire performance of cables is indicated in terms of survival time:  which are 120 minutes, 90 minutes, 60 minutes, 30 minutes and 15 minutes.

Now that you got introduced to what a fire survival cable is and what all it does, read on more to read about its specialties:

  1. Highly Flame Retardant: These cables are made in a way to be able fight against fire. This means that, in case of a possible outbreak of fire, they are going to be the ones who are less likely to cause havoc, even though they get exposed to fire.
  2. Low smoke production: These cables produce very less amount of smoke when burnt. So during evacuation you wouldn’t be encountered by smoke which will suffocate you.
  3. Less toxic gas: When there is panic in the environment owing to the sudden outbreak of fire, most people fail to make it out because the gases emanated from various wires burning are so toxic themselves that it becomes difficult for them to breath. Their eyes may start watering and they cannot go further. But fire survival cables do not produce harmful toxic gases even when exposed to extreme levels of fire
  4. Moisture and fluid resistance: These wires are resistant to water and fluids too which make them more capable of combating fire.
  5. Less harm to electrical devices: In environment life offices, electrical devices are prone to fire. Most times these devices are expensive and carry valuable information too. The fire survival cables make sure that there is no harm caused to electrical devices.
  6. Durability: To answer the question “ kitnachaltahei?” , these wires are durable and offer a long life surviving wear and tear.
  7. Flexibility: These wires can be stretched, pulled, bent and used as desired to ensure connectivity across long distances.
  8. Survival in all weathers: These wires can almost endure all kinds of weather conditions. They also work in extreme low temperatures of winters.

SO here you go, we have given you 8 and not 1 reason to choose a fire survival cable. Choosing an electric wire may seem like a funny or insignificant thing to do. But your life is dependent on it. Next time you choose wires, make sure you choose the right ones.

Rallison – We are India’s leading fire survival cable supplier & manufacturer company.

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