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The city is always lit with bright lights! It’s not just the stars that decorate your city with lights but the tall buildings of the MNC which are working 24/7. With the liberalization policy we sure did move ahead in time but at the same time our usage of electricity also has been liberalized up to a great extent.

Take your office for example. Have you ever wondered how much does your company pay for the electricity it consumes? Companies spend lakhs on electricity bill on a monthly basis.

We have always been asked to be mindful of electricity wastage at your home. But why is it that we are unmindful of the same scarce resource at our work place?

A few steps taken will save a lot of electricity and make your work places more efficient.

  • Make sure your office uses Energy efficient office equipment.
  • Old computers, copiers and other office equipment need to be replaced with power saving modern alternatives periodically.
  • Energy efficient lighting can be installed accompanied with controls and sensors to ensure that lights are only in use when they need to be.
  • Buildings need to come up with an energy management plan that regulates the use of heating, cooling and lighting.
  • Server rooms which often generate a lot of heat need to be cooled efficiently
  • Set sleep modes on all electronics like computers, copiers, fax machines and printers. Choose the “power save” or “sleep” mode settings by which they go into an energy-saving mode after a certain number of idle minutes.
  • Have a ‘ save power’ day at your work place once in a month, with which you can utilize the least possible energy for one day and encourage all the employees to use power economically
  • Make sure your computer is turned off when not in use.
  • Make sure you use as many LED lights as possible, because they consume the least energy
  • Get an energy audit of your office done
  • Consider installing solar panels. Solar energy is free of cost. Installing solar panels might be expensive initially but after a certain time it becomes the most cost saving utility.

Electricity bills hurt! Be it your homes or your office’s. Just because you are not directly paying the electricity bill of your organization, doesn’t mean it’s not your responsibility to save electricity. Electricity is everybody’s wealth. We all are stakeholders in taking care of it. Make sure you take interest in saving the energy of your organization. Who knows you might end up getting brownie points in the form of a promotion!

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