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House wiring started off in 19th century but gained popularity in 20th century. As in 20th century the system power enlarged as compare to 19th century systems.

House wiring consists of electrical wiring for house in Lighting the bulbs or lights, power distribution, heating devices, ventilation system, television, Computer and house theater.

The standards of power supply is based upon Voltage and Frequency and in India the Voltage for houses is 230 V with a frequency of 50 Hz.

Wiring in House

There is two types in which house wiring can be done. One is Pre- Install and the other is Post-Install.

Pre-Install is done when house is under development phase to place wires behind the walls.

This is the Modern way of doing the wiring. Because one can simply have a better presentation of house and whole electrical connection would be invisible. For performing this type of wiring you need to have a quality wire which would have a long life. It is only because when wire would damage in future, it would be hard to change.

Post-Install is another way of doing wiring in house. It is not embedded into walls. Whole wiring can be seen from outside. Post Install can be done when you want to place a new electronic items like if one wants to place Internet connection or Telephone connection.

As we live in an electric environment and running electronic appliances frequently. Here we will learn how to make your house safe from electricity. You need to follow the below given steps to know more about the electrical faults and prevention of these faults.

1. Circuit Breaker

mcbElectricity enters in to house through Circuit Breaker and then move to Outlets, cords and Electronic appliances. As far as the overload do not take place, Circuit breaker will work in good condition. However, it is recommended to change it whenever any fault occur.     

2. Use of Copper Conductor

copper_conductorCopper is a suitable conductor in house wiring than Aluminum. Diameter of Aluminum conductor is double in the size as compare to Copper, that too at a low conductivity. Copper is economical, strong, easy to install, having higher conductivity and compatible with other devices. So, you should use Copper Conductor in your house for safety.

3. Grounding

groundingGrounding is mostly used for Overvoltage Protection, Voltage Stabilization and showing current the path to facilitate the operation of overcurrent devices. Living in a house with an ungrounded electrical solution can cause you with an electric shock and fire. Electricity always moves in the path of least resistance, which makes you in a condition of shock if you touches any ungrounded device. Ungrounded electricity mostly found in Old homes or in a populated residential area. It is recommended to make sure that you have a Grounding at your house.

4. Don’t overload

overloadIt is one of the most common problem that occurs due to overload of plugs in outlets, uses of cords in one point and use of large appliances which needs huge amount of electricity.

5. Tools

toolsIf you face any electric fault in house, you should have right tools to overcome these failures. You need Electric tape, Voltage tester, Long-nose Pliers, Wire cutter and Electric drill.

6. Change Old Wire

old_wire-669x257You made your house and bury the wire inside the wall during construction. It is not enough, Wire do have a life or it might be possible that an overloaded situation can occur. So it is recommended to change the old wire or recheck them completely to be sure about perfect electricity supply.

7. Power Off

plugs-768x576After using any Electrical Appliances, be sure to Power-off the circuit. There is a circuit behind every path when you tap a switch to on, the flow of electricity starts. The flow of electricity will remain in moving position until you off the switch. If you will not look after the plugs and sockets, it can give you an electric shock.

8. Take care what you are touching

what_you_are_touching-768x513Electric shocks are dangerous to your life, so be attentive on what you are touching wires or sockets. Be sure that wires are in good condition, always plug-in the socket in outlet after checking and never work on gas pipe line whenever you work with electricity.


As Electricity is both, good and bad at times. If there are some faults in Outlets, Cords and some unknown odor comes out of any electrical equipment’s. It is the time when you need to install new equipment’s. Do not take any risk with electricity. Stay safe with Rallison Wires.


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