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Why we need Electrical wires?

What is so useful about Electrical wires, which makes them very important part of our daily life?

There was no electricity at first, then why now?

There are so many questions keep coming into the mind of us. We all know that Electricity is one of the dangerous thing, which can harm you in many ways. From giving shocks, burning and in some cases death too.

Yet, Electricity is an important part of daily life. And without Electrical wiring, one can not think about electricity.

Wires are more than just important, it’s necessary and most basic part of life in 21st century. Wires and cables can be found in your home, hospitals, public place and all those place where electricity is must.

Wires are used to carry the electromagnetic signals, electricity from one place to another, To keep the device in run.

Most of the people do not have an idea what type of wire will suit their place. They spend their money on low quality wires. But we, at Rallison Electricals, believe in delivering quality wires for you.

electrical-wires-768x768Some of us still thinks that wires can not survive for a longer period of time. This is not the case. If you have installed the wires properly. They can work for a longer period of time.

However, some damages can arise after a period of time, but, thanks to Circuit breaker and earthing. They protects the surrounding and people from getting caught to electricity.

Application of Electrical wire and Cables

At current, 21st century, a century where a number of invention took place and many are in the wishlist of your.

But, every invention need an idea, hard work and innovation. Besides these, a common factor is Electricity. Electric wires have the application in most of the places.

The application of these wires are in home, hospitals, public places, Schools, Research center, Airports and many more places.

city-lightsSuppose you are in your home or building, suddenly a spark comes out of wire. What will you do, because you even don’t know the location. The alarm system and safety system, everything has a use of wires and cables.

We at Rallison Electricals Pvt. Ltd. manufacture these wires and cables. Our product range is from home to multi story buildings, airports, fire station and many.

You can now have Power Cable, Normal building wires, Mining Cable, Fire survival, Airfield Lighting cables and a whole list for each and every purpose.

Major Part of Electrical Wires

Wires and cables can have many parts, but three parts are common in all. These parts are as follows:


Electrical Conductor in wires and cables is an object,or material which allows electric charge to flow from it.

Electrical conductor can be any one out of metals, copper or aluminum.

copper-and-aluminum-768x393The resistance of a given conductor depends on the material it is made of, and on the dimensions.

For any given material, the resistance is always inversely proportional to cross-sectional area of conductor. Example, a thick Copper wire will have lower resistance than thin copper wire.

Also, for given material, the resistance is proportional to the length; for example, a long copper wire has higher resistance than an otherwise-identical short copper wire


An electrical insulator is that material whose internal electrical charges do not move freely from one place to another, it makes impossible to conduct current under the presence of electric field.

And makes it different as compare to Conductor and Semiconductors. As both can conducts current easily.

insulator-768x511An Insulator have high amount of resistivity than Conductor and Semiconductor.

Due to its higher resistivity, it is impossible to flow any current from it, Yet, there is a bit of current always flows. This makes it difficult to find an excellent insulator.

However, Some materials like paper, Teflon and glass with high resistivity can make a set of good insulator.


Sheath is the outer protection of wire and cables, which makes it impossible to damage the wires externally. Usually, Sheath comes in black color and the materials used in it can be of PVC or XLPE.

Initially, the coating was of PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride), which do not have the flame retardants, and was catching wire easily at a certain time period. Though they have tendency to operate in fire situation. But for a limited period of time.

Than the time comes of XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene), a solution of fire. Mostly used cables against fire is fire survival cable. This solution makes the wire and cables to work continuously

Now we know the basic of Wire and cables. .

How to ensure the safety

It does not matter, how good and well your wiring solution is. But if you do not take care of it. Surely it will give you some punishment. The punishment can be in the form of electric shock or fire.

To be ensure, that wires do not make you feel danger. You need to regularly check wire.

  • Always wear rubber gloves.
  • Take the necessary tools with you, such as plies.
  • Use simple architecture of wiring.
  • Replace if any damage occurs.


Electric wire and cable, can make a difference in any country. As electricity  is one of the basic thing to make your country developed one.

Uses of electrical wires are so many, that definitely makes these wires an important part of daily life.

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