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Technology is changing at a rapid pace. Almost, all the industries are using new technology.

The products are same but the concept of making these products has been changed drastically. Industries believe in providing a best and efficient product to their consumers.

The change can be seen in Electrical industries too.

We, after the invention of Electrical cables and wires, are using them. At house, offices, Buildings, places and such places where electricity is present.

But when it comes at us to tell what exactly the difference between Wires and cables?

You will give a complete blank expression!!

Suppose, you are going to purchase wires. And people ask you, why can’t you take cables?

Yes, it is and it happens with everyone.

You should know the difference between wires and cable, otherwise, your purchase can go wrong.

After reading this article, you will able to spot the difference and can even give a presentation too, who knows.


Wires are the component in cables and have a wider scope of use than cables.

electrical_wireThe given points will make you understand the wires easily.

  • A wire is a single strand or a group of strands of an electrically conductive material, aluminum or copper. Aluminum and Copper are very good conductor of electricity.
  • There are two types of wire presents: Solid and Stranded. A solid wires have  a long length single conductor. Whereas, a stranded wire is many thin strands of wires which are twisted with each other.
  • Solid wires offer low resistance and are perfect in higher frequencies, whereas a stranded wire has a longer life, and its flexibility make it to work for a longer period.
  • Thickness of Wires depends on the gauge number, which ranges from 00 to 40. Smaller gauge number wires comes in thicker size as compare to those of larger gauge number.
  • Most household wires comes in the gauge number ranges from 10 to 20.
  • At present, there are two types of single conductor wires in the market, THW and THWN/THHN. Both of them are available in solid as well as in standard form. Sheath, Outer protection, is made of metal or plastic material

These simple steps can make you understand the good and effective wires. If you are using wires, then remember these too.

The size of the wires is one of the important aspect, if you are using smaller wires in a place where larger size of wires are needed, it might be possible that wire can overheat and cause short circuit. Before, using any device, be sure that you have grounding wire.

Wires used to carry electrical and telecommunications signals,besides this, wires have its role in bearing mechanical loads, heating, jewelry and clothing.

At last, in wires, Solid wires are perfect for use in higher frequencies, it offer low resistance and stranded wire shows higher resistance to metal fatigue


A cable, on the other hand, consists of two or more insulated conductors and can be either bare or covered.

cable-768x443One of the easiest way to distinguish between cable and wire  is that the wire is visible, whereas a cable is most usually insulated.

  • Cables consist three types of wire, in which first wire carry current, second makes loop complete and third for grounding purpose. The wires in cables posses different gauge number, codes and size.
  • The codes of wires indicates the electrical capability and insulation ability of cables.
  • Cables comes with BX, UF-8 and NM-B jackets. They can be divided into two types depends on their conductors. First is two-conductor cable and the other is three-conductor cables.
  • UF covered cables are best for outdoor grounding. NM are best for indoor and BX can be used anywhere indoor or outdoor.

Electrical Cables are used in power transmission, electrical and telecommunications signals.

Some examples of cables are twisted pair, coaxial cable and fiber optic cable.

Main advantage of cables are its strength and insulation.


Do not get confused between wires and cables. Now you can tell the difference to anyone that why wires are different then cables.

And you can purchase wisely.

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