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Cables possess a significant role in industrial Application. You may have come across many articles about Electrical Cables & Wiring. Power Cables, Overhead Cables, Fire Survival Cable, Aerial Bunched and many more.

But when it came to provide an electrical cabling solution which can operate underground. Only one name comes and that is Mining Cable.

Mining carries a lot of risk, which makes it extremely important to keep everyone safe. Regulations as well as legislation need to be followed, and it is also apply on cables to be used underground. It can be the mining equipments or to carry the materials to the surface.

Mining cables are those which are required in mining application and are intended for long-term performance in extremely harsh environment, while providing safety and productivity.

Some of the cables used in Mine are armoured and others are power cable, quality of cables should be outstanding, as these cables work under hazardous condition and all the machinery and life of employees depends on them.

Rallison Mining cable offers excellent flexibility, torsion, temperature parameters and abrasion. In addition to exceptional electrical, drag and flame resistance.

kei_rubber-mining-cableMining Cable

So if you want Mining cable to pit mine or to transport power supply into mine, we offer you much needed cabling solution.

Mining Cable offers you a great solution of cabling in hazardous environment. But how does it protect itself and its surrounding. These cables are covered with a layer called as Armour, which protects it from external forces.

Now we will know about the internal parts of Mining Cable.


Mining Cables are used in Mines. These cables are Manufactured in 1.1KV and 3.3 KV. 3.3KV cables are normally comes in copper conductor with double wire armoured to keep higher mechanical protection. The conductivity of armour is not less than 75% of phase conductor.


1.1/3.8 KV/6.6KV as per IS:1554(Part – I)/IS:1554 (Part-II)/IS:7098 (Part-I)/BS/IEC


In case of Multicore its size comes up to 630 sq. mm


Conductor in Mining cables shall be circular shaped Aluminium or Copper. Both these conductors have some good points and some bad. You need to look for these points.

  • Aluminium conductor is less expensive than Copper.
  • Copper has higher conductivity than aluminium,
  • Aluminium Conductor is light in weight compared to Copper.

Although, Aluminium Conductor comes in lightweight, but it makes the diameter double the size of copper. Larger the diameter size of conductor reduces conductivity of Corona.

Corona is the discharge of electricity when wire has a  high potential.

These are the main points of conductor, you should look for.


In Mining Cable two type of insulation is possible. PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene).

When properly formulated, thermoplastic jackets of PVC provide cables with the ability to resist acids, sunlight, alkalis, oil, heat, weathering and abrasion.

XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene) has high Insulation Resistance (IR), low dielectric constant (2.3) and high dielectric strength. It is also a tough material, so it is resistant to cutting, impact and other mechanical forces. XLP fire resistance, however, is poor unless flame retardants are added.

Application of Mining Cable

Rallison Electricals Pvt. Ltd. utilizes quality materials that will provide a cable for any mine or any condition. On the basis of research and design efforts Rallison mining cables are engineered to provide maximum productivity in these applications and conditions:

  • Underground Mining Cables are used in mine to transport power supply from the surface for long walls, roof bolters, shuttle cars and other equipments.
  • These cable provide power to electrically powered dredgers for dredging.
  • It gives power to the Tunnel-Boring Machine and ancillary equipment.
  • It is used in dredging, shovels and other equipments on the surface.
  • These cables also used in blasting, drilling and to give power to shovel.


Industries are the need of today’s time. To provide good result, industries too need good solution in cables.

Rallison Electricals Pvt. Ltd. is well-known name in the industry of Cables & Wires. Our main motto is to provide the safe and effective solution for mining.

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