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Ancient houses do look great.  But ancient walls which have a beauty of its own quiet often are dangerous owing to old wiring within these walls. Once in every 40 years, your entire house has to be re- wired. Re- wiring can be a very tedious process and involves cost. This post is meant to provide you information on the same. Cost of replacing old wiring depends on the following factors:

  • Number of switches required and
  • Heavy duty appliances normally cost more.
  • Cost of switch boards, designs, features etc.

How to go about with wiring:

Deciding on access:

Before starting the entire process, you need to figure out how much of the wires are you going to access. If you are moving into a newly purchased house, make sure you remove the old wiring before going ahead with painting.

New Cable Locations:

you need to have a structured plan as to where you want your new cables to run. Spot out your new cable locations.Where you run the cable depends on your ability to access the spaces, but generally outlets are fed from below and wiring for lighting is fed from above.

Rewiring An Outlet:

For re-placement of wiring from an outlet, the old outlet has to be removed. This might be possible through pulling the old cable back through the hole in which it runs. If not, new holes need to be drilled.

Drilling New Holes:

In case of re placing an outlet or a light switch, one cannot re-use the old cable’s hole. A new hole is necessary. Drilling a hole requires skills, but it can be done provided you take the necessary safety measures.

Determining Number Of Circuits:Often old wiring does not provide enough circuits for the energy demands of modern appliances.  Do research on housing circuits to help plan your layout, or hire an electrician as a consultant.

All said and done, one cannot rely on his own skills for replacing or re wiring of your home. The job is best left for professionals to do.

Benefits of Re- Wiring:

Separate Circuits: Separate circuits enabled for most important elements of your home like water heater, security is a huge benefit for any home. This will make sure that more important elements of your home are not affected by less important appliances tripping on their own.


Re- wiring gives you an opportunity to have all those outlets where they will be mostly useful as old houses weren’t designed with so many electrical appliances in mind.

Adds To The Value Of Your Home:

With increasing threats of electrical hazards, people are precautious and are taking a step towards re-wiring to ensure safety.

Your home is your most valuable asset.  Keeping it safe will keep you safe. Taking care of it, will ensure your care.  Act quickly and attend to the wiring requirements of your home ASAP!

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