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Well, Well! Here we are again with 5 easy tips.
5 easy tips that can prevent electrical accidents at your home and offices.
An accident caused by electricity can result in physical as well as mental harm. Either way, you want to avoid electrical accidents, not just for you but also for those around you.
At Rallison Electricals, we build wires and cables with safety measurements. So that everyone can have electricity without meeting an accident.

Following these 5 easy tips can help prevent electrical accidents

1. Electricity & Water! Biggest Rivals

electricity-waterThe world has given you a chance to see things which work very well if merge together and some are born rivals.
The rivalry of water & electricity is not hidden from you. If they both merge together, you will never see good results.
Therefore, it really doesn’t matter the electrical appliances are ON or Off. Always make sure to keep your electric appliances far away from water.
Although if somehow a single drop of water falls on an appliance then try to unplug the appliances first and before using again give some time to the appliance  to dry off.

2. Try Listening your Appliances


Electricity is nothing if you do not have electrical appliances of good quality.

We are living in the age of technology.  Electrical appliances are also the part of technology and they work well if in good condition.

It happens with you all the time that appliances STOP working suddenly at times. And you always think that the appliance was of bad quality.

Everything needs to be check regularly. Even you need to get a routine checkup. So Why not Electrical appliances.

The Appliances always gives you a hint that they are not in good condition, somehow their circuits have been broken, and continuous buzzing and flickering comes.

But, you always ignore these faults.

My friend, these can create serious electrical accidents. So instead of ignoring, Unplug your appliances and get an inspection done by an electrician.

Doing so can prevent electrical accidents.

3. Knock, Knock! Kids are at home, Use Outlet covers

KIDS! A joy for eyes! A blessing!

I am sure everybody will agree with me.


You have given a serious work to do to take care of your kids. Kids growing always wants to know everything and for them, everything seems easy.

They might have no idea what electricity is?

That is why they love to stick fingers into unused power outlets. A POWER OUTLET IS DANGEROUS IN BOTH ON AND OFF STATE.

Either look after your kids or put an outer cover on power outlets to avoid electrical accidents.

4. Don’t be harsh on Cords

Electrical appliance and Cords can go same.


The term, “Don’t be harsh on Cords” is the perfect match here.


The answer is simple.

You fetch something hard. It will cause that thing. Same goes in case of cords.

If you pull a cord by its tail, it will break definitely.  It will remove the protective coating and eventually feel the wrath of the cord one day.

We do not think either of you really wants this. So try to pull out the cords from the switch.

5. It’s better to cover

Wires, a medium through which electricity flows and power your appliances.

So it is an obvious thing to protect wires. Use wires with perfect insulation and conductors.


Wall plates are best in protecting you from wires as it removes direct contact with wires.

These covers are actually very beneficial for protecting sockets, outlets, and wires.


Always try to find the best solution.  

The above-discussed tips are for people who were sadly the victims of electric accidents or who want to live in the safe electrical environment.

The choice is yours!

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