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A tiny spark of fire is said to be capable of destroying human civilizations. Man and animals were wiped out in olden days when fire laid its eyes on the forests. Although living in an era where we ensure safety for ourselves in all aspects of life, certain natural phenomenon like fire breakouts can’t be controlled but can only be escaped.

Fire breakouts often cause a lot of damage not only to the physical items present in the area but also the people who lose everything in it. However fire breakouts can be prevented by following very simple steps like:

  • Installing Smoke Alarms:

    alarminstalling_547x338Although most homes in India do not have these smoke alarms, we cannot deny the fact that your home is as much prone to fire as much as an office is. Which is why, you take a wise step by installing smoke alarms in your entire home. A smoke detector is available on amazon at a very low price of 500 rupees, which means it is easy on your pocket too.

  • Have a fire extinguisher:

    fire extinguisher:Fire extinguishers are also things which are not normally found in a household. But by buying a fire extinguisher which is A-B-C rated which is used to extinguish all kinds of fires means taking a leap towards safety. A-B-C rated extinguishers can extinguish all kinds of fire. When you notice small fires, try extinguishing them with the extinguisher. Do not however try to use an extinguisher for large fires which require the attention of the fireman

  • Fire resistant wall/paint/glass/door:

    fire resistance wallThere are many homes which are constructed with fire resistant walls, paint, glass or doors. When your entire home is constructed keeping in mind the safety from fire, we bet it couldn’t be a better option

Additional small time precautionary methods

  • Make sure you turn off the stoves after cooking and learn to put off candles after use
  • Get the wiring of your home tested and replaced if needed
  • Do not overload PowerPoints
  • Keep your children away from lighters and other equipments which produce fire
  • Make sure your family is aware of what to do in case of a possible break out of fire. Always keep them educated
  • If you have agas, electric or wood BBQ always check that it is in safe working order before lighting and that it is always in the care of a responsible adult when in use
  • Only use fuses of recommended ratings

We need to get over the subconscious thought process that fire breakouts are possible only in public areas and offices. By taking these simple steps, we will not only be insuring our lives but also a lot of our valuable things.
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