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With the increase of a number of air flight takeoffs and landings, lighting systems on Air field play an important role in ensuring the safety of passengers, pilots, crew and cargo alike.

Rallison Air Field Lighting Cables ensure the continuous flow of operation of these lighting systems, airport runways, buildings, towers, taxiways and other obstacles.

Rallison airport cables ensure safe and secure surroundings of airport and air flight.

Adhering to the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) standard, as well as national standards (FAA, NF, BVM), each product in the range has been designed to stand constantly in exposure to water, UV radiation, fuel, cleaning fluids, defrosting fluids,  oil and grease, mechanical stresses.

We at Rallison Electricals Pvt. Ltd. are supplying these Air Field Lighting cables across national airports. Our products are well tested in CRI DGAQA-Dehradun.

Description of Air Field Lighting Cable

Air Field Lighting Cables manufactures as per IS: 1554 (Part-II) and the cable comes of 5 KV grade. At, Rallison, We have complete range which starts from S/C x 6 & S/C x 16 in Copper and 2C x 25 in aluminum.

In Airfield lighting cables, we used round conductor which is the internal part of these cables and covered with steel grip and XLPE.

air-field-lighting-cable-768x512Important part of an Air Field Lighting Cable are:

Round Copper Conductor:  

Many time you have heard this term, Conductor. Conductor is internal part of this cable. Conductor can be of Copper or Aluminum. It depends on you.

Best conductor in these cable is Copper. Copper can hold current for maximum period of time and current flows continuously.


Insulation is the part which protects the conductor. In Air Field Lighting Cables, we have used XLPE insulation, which acts way better than normal PVC insulation.

Reason is simple and effective, In XLPE (Cross-linked polyethylene) a compound flame retardant is used. Which makes cables to run in excessive fire.

Although, PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) can also handle the burden of current. But it cannot work for a longer period of time in fire.


Two Sheaths are presents in Air field lighting cable, one is innermost and another is outermost.

Outermost Sheath usually, the sheath comes in Black color and Nylon grip. Color of Sheath is changeably depends on customer.

Both the sheaths have an insulation of PVC or XLPE.


Airports and Flights are an important part of today’s time. Number of Airports has come already and many are in waiting list. It is OK to increase the number of facilities for people, but at the same time it is recommended to keep them safe and secure.

Rallison Electricals Pvt. Ltd. is a big name in providing the solution of safety of everyone, be at airport or in flight. Lighting flow at Airport should be all the time with quality wiring and cabling. That too at an economical price.

So don’t take risk, call us today for Air Field Lighting Cable. We will provide you these cables in no time.

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