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Aerial Bunched Cables (Aerial Bundled Cable or simply ABC) are Overhead Power Lines. Usually, in this cable several insulated phase conductor are bundled together tightly with a bare neutral conductor.

This thing makes a slight difference between normal uninsulated conductor, which have an air gap, and ABC. In Air Bunched Cable, type of overhead transmission, the principle is same as of bundled conductor. In Air Bunched Cable, these conductors are very close to their point of touching but conductors are surrounded by Insulator layer.

Though, in case of neutral conductor it is not covered with an insulator.

The significance of Air Bunched cable is proven to be more effective, because the design of normal conductor was very unappealing and an external force (as Storm) can make the conductor to touch and in result short circuit could happen, Sometime the fire can also take place in drier areas.

The difference between Normal Overhead Power Lines and Air Bunched Cable can easily be understood with an image.

overhead-power-line Traditional Overhead Power Line Cable

As you see in normal overhead power cable, the absence of insulator is responsible for electric shock, but in Air Bunched Cable insulator is present, which makes these cables more effective than traditional cables.

bbAerial Bunched Cable

Specification Of Air Bunched Cable

Air Bunched Cable has three main parts, which are as follows:

  • Conductor

Conductor in Aerial Bunched Cable is of Aluminium. The standard Conductor in cable should be well formed, clean and free from sharp edges. The joints of conductor should not be more than two.

Joints shall be brassed and gas or electric welded.

  • Insulation

Insulation of Air Bunched Cable is cross-linked polyethylene which conforms the physical and electrical property required in specification.

  • Messenger

Messenger conductor is made up of Aluminium slice and Magnesium alloy as per IS: 398 (Part IV).

Applications Of Aerial Bunched Cable

  • In those places which are theft prone.
  • In place of bare lines in rural area, places where the number of trees are more, narrow streets and the places where ares is less.
  • It can be used on temporary basis.
  • In terrains such as hills and mountains, where the cost of under ground wiring can be of much high in cost.
  • As Reinforcement of an existing power lines without increasing voltage.
  • As Replacement in those places where high degree of stability of voltage is prime importance.

The above are some applications of Aerial Bunched cable.

You got an idea of Aerial Bunched Cable (ABC).Now it is right time to discuss about the advantages which  ABC will give you.


Aerial Bunched Cable have high reliability in giving electricity service. Covering with insulator, its power and neutral conductor gives several benefits. The benefits of using Aerial Bunched Cable are:

  • Immunity against external forces (wind, broken trees), Unless they abrade the insulation.
  • It can be placed in narrow streets, near to buildings and trees.
  • The inspection and maintenance time is less.
  • It provides the safety for lines persons, especially when they work on conductors.
  • Electricity theft is almost zero.
  • A single pole can have multiple Air Bunched cable of phone and power.
  • The trimming of trees not necessary, unless insulator is destroy.

The above were some of the advantages. We all know that everything came with some advantages and disadvantages, so is Air Bunched Cable.


  • Shorter Spans and number of poles due to increase in weight.
  • Cable itself came in high price.
  • The insulation degrades due to presence of sun, though inner insulation between wires somehow shielded from the sun.
  • Because of its weight the maintenance is not easy, especially in hill areas.
  • If branches of trees are falling continuously on cable, it can cause the insulation and in result fire might take place.

Although, Air Bunched came with several advantages from curing electric shock to fire prevention. It is still needed to know the disadvantages too.


Air Bunched Cables are like a revolution in Overhead Power Lines. We have discussed the most points of this.

We at Rallison Electricals Pvt. Ltd. are very happy to give you the easy and effective solution for Overhead Power Lines.

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