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Like a wild animal, electricity is something dangerous for a man to handle. It is unpredictable in behaviour. But the problems can be identified by noticing the signs.

The wiring in older hoses is different from the current style and the home infrastructure is different too. So there is always a chance for some flaws in wiring.

Some of the signs are mentioned below and this when found out at the right time and prevented can save lives

1. Tripping of circuit breaker

Having a circuit breaker at home is of utmost important. When the breaker trips continuously, without any external shock, then it indicates that something is wrong with the wiring or some over loading occurs. We have to sort out which part of the house is causing the breaker to trip and then consult an electrician. It is always good to take expert help when dealing with electricity.

2. Flickering/Dimming Lights

During night time it can be seen that the lights dims or sometimes flickers. The flickering lights tells us that there is a voltage fluctuation. Voltage step-ups are used in olden days to adjust the voltage. When there is a huge fluctuation things go beyond its control. We say flickering lights are damage to the eyes. Not just that but flickering lights are an indication of some upcoming danger.

3. Burning smell

Sniff around for the burning smell from inside of the house. This can come from the electric boards or from switches or other gadgets. This burning smell indicates that fire damage have already begun. Take it seriously and take action immediately. Once figured out the call an electrician immediately.

4. Shocks in certain part of the wall

This can be experienced in old houses where the wiring is old or from houses where the wiring is improper. This is dangerous and indicates that damage have already started. During rainy seasons, when the walls are wet the intensity increases and this is a highly dangerous situation. These walls are prone to the striking of thunder and lightning. Make sure your wires are in good condition and if not replace it with good house wires.

5. Smoke coming out of the switch board

This indicates that fire damage have already begun and it is time for us to take action. This smoke may be accompanied by flumes and burning odours.

6. Switches which are not functional

This indicates that the current is not reaching every part of the house and there is some problem with the wiring. Repairing just that part is not enough. Full wiring must be checked.

7. Worn out switchboard

Many consider this as a normal issue and keep the switchboard as it is without repairing it. But this can cause accidents and can be a threat for the lives there at that home.

8. Sparks coming out

These sparks are messages that indicate that the wiring beneath is improper and it is time for us to check and change.

9. High heat in certain parts of the wall

This high temperature indicate that the wires are not insulated properly.

10. The gadgets get damaged easily

When certain gadgets are connected to the home connection, it gets damaged. This is an indication of improper connection.

When we are not an expert or our field is different from electrical, it is always better to seek the help of an electrician or an electrical expert even for minor problems. This will not do any bad but instead will help the full family to have a healthy happy life.

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