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Solar electricity, a renewable source of energy that has been with use since the dawn of life.

In result, today more and more people are switching to solar power in a hope to save their cost and environment as well.

Although, mankind has produced several ways of electricity i.e. Natural and mechanical.  Example Coal, Wind, Water, Gasses and more.

Coal, the most preferred source of electricity production is decreasing.

That’s where SUN energy is beneficial. The sun emits a vast amount of energy and modern technology has made it possible to actually convert this energy into electricity and use it in our homes and offices.

Due to the vast amount of energy which sun possesses, we are now seeing solar panels crowning the roofs. These panels collect the solar rays and use this energy to power electrical appliances in your home.

This is it! No!

A common question arises here, that how actually does solar panel capture the solar rays and produce electricity?

The Answer is Photo voltaic (PV) technology.

PV solar panel comes with an efficiency of capturing solar rays to convert it into electricity.

Let’s find out

Photo Voltaic Solar Power

solar-photovoltaic-panelsSolar panels are solely responsible for whole electricity making process. Numerous small cells linked together and form the solar panel.

These small cells are PV (photo voltaic), and PVs are capable of converting photons (sunlight) into electricity.


  • PV cells are made up of two layers of semiconducting (Silicon) wafers.
  • Every time a photon (rays of the sun) strikes the cell, electrons on the top layer activates and move to the second layer which in result generates an electrical charge.
  • The electrically charged electrons than flows into the wires.
  • This flow of electricity is DC (Direct Current). So it is essential to pass it through an invertor to convert in AC (Alternating current). Now you can power your appliances.
  • Integrate solar power with the main system and use in devices.

Solar Electricity Advantages

  • Sun is the renewable source of electricity.
  • Electricity conversion is fast and secure.
  • Minimal Maintenance.
  • Long Life
  • No bad impact on the environment.
  • You can save the unused energy in a battery. Very useful during nights or cloudy days when the sun’s energy is not available to power up the solar panels.

I hope now you understand the process of solar panel systems, and how they produce electricity.


Solutions are in your hands.

Choose it or lose it, All depend on you. However, solar power is the cleanest, powerful, renewable electricity.

Choose wires, battery and panels wisely.

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