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Electrical Wire and cable is the medium through which electricity flows. These electric wires usually come in two forms, which are solid and stranded.

So what will you choose, Solid or stranded wire?

Electrician and even home owners are now choosing wires intelligently. Everyone wants to choose suitable wires for their house. Electrician chooses the wires as per the type of application and the type of conductive material.

And it is beyond only Aluminum or Copper Conducted wire.

There is an important thing to look before choosing electric wire. That is, Solid and Stranded.

Electrician looks for this aspect too. So what is Solid and Stranded wire?

Solid or Stranded Wire!


Solid Wires

These wires are single strand/core wire. These wires are pure insulated with a non-conductive material (Example; Rubber). Solid wires mostly found in domestic wiring where no movement of wire is needed such as in breadboard.

The advantages given by Solid wire is. It is very cost friendly, durable, suitable for the outer application and high compatibility during corrosion. The disadvantage of these wires are; its availability in small gauges only, and low flexibility.

Stranded wire

Stranded wire is made with several conductive strands of the conductive material consists of a bundle of small-gauge wires compressed and insulated with a non-conductive material.

The advantage of these wires is its flexibility.

Due to the high flexibility. It is best in tight or small places. Normally, you will find it suitable for small circuits such speaker wires, appliance cable, Robots, and telephone cables etc.

The disadvantage of this type of wire is its diameter, high cost and lower compatibility during high corrosion.


Choosing between solid or stranded wire. Cost can be a most valuable factor. However, you might like to consider the given factors too.

As we have discussed the solid wires are less costly than stranded wire and stranded wire are the best match in tight and motion places.

There is another factor while choosing wire is the type of Application, environment, and place.

Choose well.

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