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Submersible flat cables are specifically designed to work in water condition.

These cables are very well-known to provide electrical power in wet condition. The reason behind its ability to operate in such condition is plastic and rubber compound coating.

The plastic coating makes these cables stand against any kind of liquid substances such as water, oil, grease and other.


Submersible flat cables are well conducted (Aluminum/Copper), polyvinyl chloride insulated and non-toxic cables.

Although, these cables are famous for their role in supplying the power in submersible pumps. As the pumps are generally used under water for continuous working.

Property of Submersible Flat Cable

Not every cable has that potential to stand and work in wet condition for a long time. As Submersible flat cables have.

The strong structure, mechanical & electrical properties of Submersible flat cables protect it against water, oil, grease and other liquid particles.

These cables come in Single/Multiple conductors.

The size and shape of submersible cables can vary according to their usage and preference.

They may include control wires and power conductors for the pump motor.

The conductors are often color coded for easy identification. Major types of submersible cables include Rubber core cables, PVC Core cables, and more.

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Applications of Submersible Flat Cable

The basic application of these cables is in the submersible pump for winding the motor. However it may also be used in underground mining, irrigation systems, drilling works too.


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