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There are many electrical problems that a person faces in his household. These problems are easily tackled by the person. They don’t require any high level knowledge of electric circuits and can be solved without the need of an electrician. While some of these problems are fairly simple, others require complex knowledge. It is safer to refrain from solving such problems as the person can get jolts of electricity which may cause harm to the human body. In such cases, calling the electrician is the best option.

Here are some problems that are a person will mostly encounter in his day to day life.

1. Bulbs glowing at low intensity than usual.

Sometime the bulb glows at an intensity that is lower than usual. It maybe occurs because the bulb is old and the filament’s efficiency has decreases.

The bulb’s low intensity is due to the fact that there are many electrical devices simultaneously working together in your home. Due to this, the current required for optimum working of the bulb is not. It is safer to switch off some devices as the high current may melt the wire.

2. Tripping of the MCB

The Miniature Circuit Breaker or the MCB may switch itself off or fall down. This usually happens when there is extra load in the circuit. The MCB trips when there is high flow of electricity in the wires, or the voltage is high from the electrical grid. The MCB will also trip when the temperature of the wire is high. MCB is usually placed at the starting point of the electrical wires at home. One MCB maintains the wiring of the entire home. It is advisable to use fewer devices to prevent the switching off of MCB.

3. The speed of fan slows down

A fan is a single phase AC motor. The speed of the fan mainly depends on the capacitor as it helps maintain a 90 degrees phase angle. If the capacitor is old, it needs to be replaced by an electrician.

 4. Tube light not switching on

A tube light requires a starter to initiate a spark and switch the tube light on. It may so happen that the starter is not in full contact with its holder. One can manually rotate the starter and refresh the connection. In worst cases, the person would have to install a new starter on to the tube plate. This device costs only 50 rupees.

5. CFL bulb becomes black from the bottom

A CFL bulb emits light when electric current is passed through a gas tube. This generates invisible UV light which then initiates a fluorescent coating to emit light. CFL’s may stop working when the capacitor is faulty and is unable to produce a spark. In this case, the only option is to change the CFL bulb.

6. Electric Sparks

When the two ends of live wires meet, an electric spark occurs. The person holding these two wires can also get an electric shock. This usually occurs when the wires are not plugged in correctly by 3-pin plug. Installing a 3-pin plug is easy and doesn’t necessarily require the assistance of an electrician.

7. Wrong wiring

Wiring at homes must be done with an alloy of copper and aluminum. These are used as they are ductile, strong and offer low resistance. They are also cheap compared to their counterparts. Wires need to replace over a period of 15-20 years as they may become and leakage of current might take place.

8. Wrong polarity while attaching appliances

When wires are connected to electrical appliances, it may happen that the polarity isn’t maintained-the live wire isn’t connected to the neutral point and the neutral wire isn’t connected to live point.

No electrician is required. Just proper care should be taken while connecting the wires.

9. Proper Insulation

A proper insulated home not only keep its residents safe but also contribute towards decreasing the electricity bill. As no leakage of current takes place, the chances of getting electric shocks decreases.

10. Proper Switching

Installing ISI marked switches is must for every home. It only decreases the chances of getting electric shocks but also keeps the residents safe. Proper stair case switching needs to be installed and switches shouldn’t be touched with wet hands. Also switches must be avoided to be use when the person is bare footed.

Precautions must be taken at every place while handing electrical appliances as it may increase the chances of getting shocks. Our houses work at 220 Volts. Any electric shock can be danger to the life of the handler.

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