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Bollywood movies have managed to romanticize even the most dreadful situations. Fire break out is one among them. The hero might come to the rescue of the heroin when the fire breaks out, but in reality it is the brave fire fighters who save civilians when a fire disaster takes place. So here is the deal, you can be a fire fighter too if you one magical wire in your home- The Fire survival cable.

Here are a few guidelines to guide you through ‘why and where- Fire survival cables’ can be used.After all prevention is better than cure.

Why to use Fire survival cables:

  1. The most important and basic reason to use a fire survival cables is the fact that these cables are resistant to fire, which means they are less likely to cause you hassle in case of a outbreak of fire.
  2. These cables have a unique ability to extend functionality for circuit and data integrity in extreme fire situations.
  3. Made from inorganic materials, these cables don’t burn; emit smoke, burn or gases. Which means you wouldn’t find it difficult to evacuate the place when fire breaks out.
  4. These cables are chemical resistant.
  5. They are also water resistance which means that there is less scope for damage when water is used to put out fire.
  6. Fire resistant cables are durable, which means they come with long life and survive wear and tear.

Where to use fire survival cables:

  • Factories: Factories and workshops where continuous work using chemicals and fire prone materials are used, it is highly advise to wire the walls of the entire factory or workshop with fire survival cables.
  • Homes: There are innumerable stories of homes which have been burnt to ashes due to short circuits, leaked gases and other uncontrollable situations. It doesn’t take minutes for people to lose everything they have in a fire, hence it is important to use fire survival cable for your wiring requirements.
  • Offices: Modern office buildings which use electrical gadgets extensively opt for wiring the entire building with fire survival cables. These organizations recognize the value of life and all the important material in the office and hence they go for it.
  • Alarm systems: Alarm systems need to function when fire breaks out. These cables are also used in alarm systems so that their working is not hindered in the fire.
  • Emergency Telephone lines: Telephone lines are of high importance, when a sudden fire breaks out. Telephone lines need to be in connection in order to reach out to the outer world. Emergency telephone lines always come with fire survival cables.
  • CCTV systems: CCTV cameras are important because they help in investigating the reason for the outbreak of a fire; CCTV cameras come with fire survival cables so that their working is not hindered.

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