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Today, we all know the vast range of cables. LT Power Cable, Fire Survival Cable, Submersible flat cable and much more. The names can vary but almost all of these cables have one thing in common. A Conducting metal, an insulation material, and a sheath.

XLPE or better known “Cross-linked Polyethylene” have the feature of excellent insulation.

Basically, it is polyethylene. Polyethylene has crosslink’s which join the individual polymer chains together. Polythene has several applications in the modern world.

However, it has a low melting point.

This low melting point is covered by the cross-linking polymer chains. The cross linking’s helps in increasing the melting point.

XLPE has many qualities which make it extremely useful for cable insulation. It is flexible permitting smaller bending radius for the cables. It is light weight and water proof. It is also tough which minimizes the need for armoring.

It is easier to handle and store compared to cables with paper insulation or lead insulation.

Benefits of XLPE Cables


1. Electrical and Physical Properties

XLPE cable is known for providing an excellent electrical & physical property. It makes these cables best to use in transmission & distribution lines.

2. It can carry large current

Electricity travels in cables & wires. XLPE cables provide better thermal and aging property.

These special properties make any cable to carry currents under different temperature for long period of time.

3. Ease of Installation

Besides having the ability to stand under different temperature. It is very easy to install too.

As these cables are flexible and light in weight.

4. No need to stress over height and maintenance

Better insulation, better conductive metal provides these types of cable durable and flexible.

Now, it is easy to install these cables anywhere without stressing over height & route issues.

These type of cables do not possess oil, so it needs low maintenance.

5. No Need of Metallic Sheath

Sheath protects cables from external and internal forces at times.

However, In the case of XLPE cables, you need not worry about any metallic sheath or protection.

6. Excellent Protection

An XLPE cable gives an excellent mechanical, electrical, waterproof and radiation resistance.

It is best to use the XLPE insulated cables for electrical connection in line, lead wire of the motor, signal control line, locomotive wire, mining environmental protection cable, subway with shipping, nuclear power laying cable, firing X – ray high voltage line, TV high-voltage wire, and power transmission.


Be sure to choose quality products, as choosing quality wires can help in the continuous flow of electricity.

In the case of Electric wires & cable, always look for the type of Insulation, conducting material and outer protection.

Choose XLPE insulated cable & wires and be safe.


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